Sunday, October 15, 2017

Good morning my friends,

Yesterday, I surprised you all with a husband and wife tag. It was alot of fun. Even more surprising is what happened afterward. My husband and I began to reflect on the times when it was just he and I. The love, passion, and fire we share. We stopped to remember special times and feelings. In our hustle and bustle world we had forgotten those precious memories. It offered a re-connection and secret smiles.

Our lives are so busy with our business (one income family). As small business owners my husband works crazy hours. Getting home very late and leaving early. We are like to ships that pass through the night. I do miss him alot. As I am busy myself here at home it keeps my mind in other places till I lay in bed waiting for him. Hoping not to fall asleep so I may talk with him and catch up. We talk about his day and I mine and the children's milestones. Sometimes I need to reach deep into my inner Woosaaahh to manage feeling's. Strong feelings that are hard to explain. I want him here with the children and I more often. I want him to experience what I see with them and have his wisdom passed on to them. It's a constant struggle for me. I often hand it over to God. To keep my heart light. As I know I am blessed to be home with my children and making ends meet.  It's a challenge and learning experience to say the least.

Finding joy in all things I do is a daily learning curve. Reminding myself that all things are done to please God. Pushing when I'm running on empty. Making a difference in the world starting home.  we are all Gods children and we have purpose and meaning.

Parent Tip: when dealing with your children imagine that God and Jesus are in the room with you watching your interaction's just a few feet away. How your speaking, listening, and caring. Most importantly how your re-acting when your upset, frustrated or angry. When this happens stop. Think before you speak hurtful loud words that can never be taken back.

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