Friday, October 13, 2017

Dollar Tree Haul

Hello my friends I went to the Dollar Tree today and found lots of new items. Some beautiful mirrors that look like they could have been found at the Home Goods. I also did a review on the Lazer Bond pen that is a As Seen on TV product available at the Dollar Tree now. Remember this is a perfect time to start getting Christmas Gifts and tucking them away. Check out my video below.

I will be sharing a Avon haul tomorrow with jewelry, plus size fashions, and candles. I also will be sharing some home decor for Fall and Winter in the next weeks to come. I believe its never to early for Christmas. They should call me the Crazy Christmas lady,lol. I would wear the title proudly.

The day here in Maryland has been chilly and grey. I'm looking forward to clear sky's and sweater weather. The turning of the leaves is knocking at our doors. My family will be taking long drives in scenic area's to take in the beauty of fall. Since it's Friday no homework for my son. The twins are watching cartoons with their big brother and I am looking at the mess in the house,lol. This is a everyday normal routine for me. I wait till about 5 or 6 then do 1 clean sweep of the down stairs.
Dinner tonite is pizza as I am a bit tired from lack of sleep. It was delicious and the boys inhaled it. I look forward to talking to you all tomorrow.


  1. Hola! Great blog. I see your vids almost everyday. I enjoy them as well as listening to the twins in the background...lolYou have very beautiful family. What you bring to youtube is important and valuable info, that others out here may want to know.So keep doing what your doing. Since you will be doing segments on different topics, Im' pretty sure ppl will follow.I came across your channel when you were doing a DT haul. Since then I have been a subbie. LOL. On another note: Hope your familia from PR are well. God Bless! Stay Blessed. Sincerely, Peggy. P.S. Maybe a Spanish dish you can make and show for the youtubers?. Just a suggestion. Ciao!

  2. Congratulations Ana on your new blog. You go girl. I will definitely support your channel. You said above that you will be taking drives with your family. I would love to see the colors of the trees. Fall is my favorite time of the year. That's if you can. Blessings sweetie and congratulations. Rosie