Monday, November 13, 2017

                                      Learning to Say No Letting Go to a Better Home

This world is a constant ever churning existence. There is always something to do or some where to be. When do you slow down? When do you rest? Learning to say No is important. We over extend ourselves with obligations, gatherings, children's activities etc..  Saying No will allow you to re-group and focus on yourself and family.

Once your able to slow down. Think of your home it should be a sanctuary of peace, beauty, comfort, cleanliness, and harmony. Coming home to a clean, fragrant, and organized home leaves room for rest and relaxation. Simple ways to conquer is focusing on certain area's of your home for 20 minutes. Pick a space, trash bag, donate box, and timer.  We have to remember this will not be an overnight re-make. It took time to get your home to this point.. it will also take time to change it back.  Think of friends, family, and neighbors do you have something they could use? Or would it be easier to donate. This process will release you of burdens of less items to pick up, clean, wash, move, or relocate. You will feel lighter and good about giving back to the community. This is a short video of when I donated some items. It felt great!!!

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