Saturday, March 31, 2018

Thrift Store Finds and Treasures

                                                               Thrifting is Wonderful

Today, I went thrifting with my sister. We visited the Salvation Army. The first thing I do is to check the 50% off color(s). Then start my adventure. Most of the time I have a list of necessary finds for the home or children. This trip was pure pleasure. So, I hit the areas that would peak my interest the best kitchen, knick knacks, and book section not forgetting electronics and furniture. I skipped the clothing area this time around. I had no kiddos and was feeling pretty good. The store had lots to look at and many idea's for home. What I ultimately found to my delight was 2 wood dollhouse miniature tables and 4 Alpha Omega Lifepac History & Geography books for grade 3 units 6-9. Although, I don't home school. I do give my children activities and lessons especially during the summer time.

I spent 1.99 for each dollhouse miniature wood table and .99 cents for each book for the summer. I am also adding a video where I found a few other goodies on another trip this week.

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