Friday, April 6, 2018

Dollar Tree Elf Cosmetics Review

Today I used some of the Dollar Tree Elf products I bought and hauled yesterday. I will link my video below. I'm almost 47 and always looking for cosmetics that will compliment and not age me. Check out my video for my reviews. I will upload it shortly.


  1. Your makeup look beautiful

  2. wow, you look amazing. I just discovered YOU today, and I'm hooked. I love your upbeat personality, and I think you look a little like Juliet Lewis, only prettier. I'm looking forward to catching up on your blog and your video's. I came across your video for a haunted doll house....I am a thrift store addict! I found a fabulous unfinished doll house, and I want to make it into a haunted doll house. I saw some great dolls on ebay, one is a gypsie, and they also have ghost dolls and some great witches that would fit in the doll house. I have always wanted a doll house and now is my chance to make it boho witchy crazy! I'm excited. I just sold one of my thrift store finds, a doll I paid 2.00 for sold for 89.99! I have an "eye" for things. I was wondering if you supplement your income with thrift store finds as well? Looking forward to your blogs and youtube video's! Arlene PS I would NEVER guess you were 48!!! You go girl!