Monday, April 16, 2018

Thrift Store and Michaels Steals

Today was deal day. I went to the thrift store and found an amazing space shuttle pop up tent $4.99 for the boys. A Lincoln Log set $3.93 and 2 magazine's for 25 cents each. There is a simple black dress I found for my daughter (not shown) for $2.40. As I waited patiently and feeling so happy that I found these wonderful items. To my delight I had 10.00 worth of points and paid only $2.54 for everything Yeah!!!!!

I stopped in at Michaels I couldn't believe my luck. I found 2 of the Easter Bunny pillows that retailed $29.99 I paid 60 cents each. I found the sweet burlap bunny banner 14 cents and the tube of Washi Tape $2.00. Lastly the Dollhouse Miniature glass containers 3.24 each. I was lucky enough to still have my gift card my husband gave me for my birthday and now I have a $19.00 balance to shop for another day.