Saturday, August 25, 2018

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 18

Today, I'm wearing a Catherine's shirt with 3/4 open sleeve. 
The wonderful design on the shirt allows me to go with out a necklace. The pants are a thrifty find Old Navy stretchy pinstripe blue and white. I'm keeping it simple today. We have a lot happening at the house. I will share that on a video I will do this morning. 

The earrings are from about 2 years ago. They have a copper and detailed cut out. These are light weight and would work well with many other pieces.
The ring is from Avon about 1 year ago. Its a bronze faux turquoise and diamond ring. The details in the gallery are striking and unusual.
When you take a peek at your hand you see beautiful scroll work. Its a charming piece.

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