Monday, August 27, 2018

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 19

This weekend was a whirl wind. We had movers come to leave 2 pieces of furniture from my mother in-laws estate. They are 2 beautiful antique pieces and one in need minor repairs. We are in a process of purging so they took our old living room set and many other furniture pieces we no longer needed. Then finally all the clutter from the garage as well. I'm still in recovery mode. So, for today I'm wearing easy workout leggings and a purple tee shirt. I popped in some fun jewelry pieces for whimsy. I needed a little pick me up.

The silver Pegasus pendent necklace is from
The chain itself is super sturdy and can with stand a hardy day of chores. The Pegasus has a beautiful rainbow enameling.
My ring is from This particular piece is adjustable gold, faux diamond, and white enameling. Its a piece that is in full motion. I love it. 

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