Friday, August 10, 2018

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 3

Today I went shopping with my son. I wanted to be comfortable and keep my jewelry selection simple. I wore a easy vibrant Walmart T-Shirt with a saying "Mind Over Matter" I paired this top with a Simply Be motto style black legging. I wore my Sketchers that are super comfy and vibrant. To see my complete look see the video below.

The watch I wore is Avon watch I bought many moons ago (No longer available). Its gold with a fluid gold link and face that says "Anything is Possible" surrounded by floating crystals that move. 
This is gold link detailed ring. Its crisp gold detail has long since gone and now I will place this in my donation box. It felt great to have one last Harrah with this piece but I'm ready to let her go. 

Lastly, the earrings that I have recently purchased and hauled on my channel "linked below". Its has a organic look and feel that can flow with almost anything. Its unusual design lended it self beautifully to may hair style and busy day. It felt like I had nothing on.

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