Wednesday, August 15, 2018

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 8

Today, I wore a Torrid full length Maxi dress. I know Florals can be tricky at least for me. I enjoy a floral that is young and fresh looking but not matronly. This dress was perfect. The romantic off the shoulder piece that can be worn year round and the halter top/sleeve provide the look with confidence. The bell sleeve lends itself to the romantic feel that I live for.

                         The earrings are a vibrant pink with variations of colors on the unusual stone. Its light weight and fun.

The large gold ring is a leaf motif enamel and faux rhinestones.
All these pieces are from previous purchase from last year. I enjoy large pieces with alot of visual presence.
Below you can see the halter type design that helps to keep the dress up and off the shoulder with ease.

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