Saturday, December 29, 2018



My word of the Year is Home. This embraces all aspects of my life. As a homemaker you can say my home is my office. This is where my day starts and ends. The past few years have presented its challenges. We have lost loved ones, faced medical issues, money troubles, relationship woes, and typical squabbles. I will working on my spiritual relationship with God. As I feel we are in times of judgement. 

Change often is not easy. As I have admitted. I want to start organizing efficiently. I am not the most organized person... I never have been so this will be interesting. I also want my home to have a sense of calm, organization, cleanliness, and personality. I will be challenging myself to re-use what I have on hand.

Will this be easy No. As, I often feel tired, lost, and a bit resentful (just being honest). I am running on empty. I know why I feel this way as I am always pushing every day and not necessarily doing the things that I enjoy myself like reading a book, crafting, making jewelry, creating dollhouse miniatures, making soap, and the list goes on. I know this may change towards the end of 2019 as my youngest will go to Kindergarten. But this feels like an eternity away (Big Smiles). 

Sister Time: Spending the day with my sister we began speaking and relating how the years are passing with the blink of the eye. I often look back and wonder why didn't we enjoy the days more, traveled, connected to one another....created more memories with our children. No more should of or could of.....I will be making things happen in my home and life. I hope you all have chosen a word to focus on.

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