Friday, April 6, 2018


These are beautiful flowers my husband brought home for me last week. These simple but small gestures are so important in relationship. Never under estimate the simple things to bring you closer. He knows I've been struggling with an infected wisdom tooth that needs to be pulled. He see's my sleepless nights and my discomfort. Even though he worked a 13 hour day (Mechanic). He went to the grocery store brought food and cooked for the family. He is Amazing. 

Simple gestures as a hot meal, clean clothes, and a clean home. All these simple things that cost little to nothing to do except your time, thought, and energy. These small things can make a difference in the home and in relationships. It is constant for me to push to get these simple things done. It seems never ending especially with little ones that play all day into the night. I do the best I can. I know I can push to be better (Smiles). Lets remember the little things and call someone today like a parent,husband/wife, family or friend and let them know your thinking of them. Its means alot.