Friday, November 6, 2020

Is Hand Sewing A Lost Art?

                                           Lets Talk Sewing

The U.K. British Hearts Foundation Big Stitch Campaign shared stats indicating 60% of people have not learned to sew or even know what it is.  This was a common skill passed on to children that no longer is happening. 

Being resourceful was key when times where leans. Did you know buttons, zippers, collars, lace, ribbon, and other decorative notions would be taken off old clothes before using them for other clothing or projects. They would be used for a updated ladies dress, children's clothing, curtains, home, and more. Once fabrics became thread bare they would become rags.

Below are some basic hand sewing video's you may enjoy from Youtube. There are many out there to study and help develop this skill.

You can see an example of a well loved and used sewing kit. Sewing kits often contain scissors, needles, thimble, thread, notions, buttons, zippers, patches and more. These items often were curated from clothing with thread bare fabric or stained beyond repair clothing.

This sewing kit to the left has clues of it user. I see call fat quarter fabric squares.
I also spy a roller cutter tucked into a pocket. This tells me the user enjoys making quilts. These quilts could be large blankets or smaller pieces for a baby or child's bed. Some pieces are so intricate taking days to weeks to create. Those may be used or display for its unique hand craftmanship.

This sewing kit to the right is what a typical or common kit may look like. It has scissors, pins, needles, thread, measuring tape, threader, and other notions. This would be a fantastic kit for any home. Harvesting buttons, lace, trims, zippers from throw away/rag pile clothing. These added to your kit for future use.

The question remains when was the last time you had a opportunity to sew. Either by mending, updating or creating something new. When was the last time you shared your skill of hand sewing? Feel free to share down below. I'd love to see your feedback.

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