Sunday, October 29, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Christmas Scene

    Dollhouse Miniature Christmas Scene 

              If you didn't know my favorite hobby is Dollhouse Miniature's 1:12 scale. This has been a life long endeavor. I remember when it all began I was 16 and I saw a Dollhouse at Franklin's Nursery.  It was a Farm House with no embellishment's nor furniture. It was made of beautiful light colored wood with bare walls and flooring. The front door had faux glass window 2 pairs of stairs and 2 faux fireplaces to my delight. It's was not electrified and still is not. It spoke to me I had to have it. I stared at it. It was on sale. Many people were walking past looking at it as well as me. They had a few models already built and being discontinued. I hurriedly looked for a worker to help. Although, it was alot of money for a 16 year old back in those days. As I am 46 now. I believe it was a little over $140.00. I opened my wallet I had several weeks worth of work money that could cover the cost. I took the leap.

  I was so excited I had a worker help me to place it on top of the cart. This was a huge 8 room Dollhouse. I checked out and slowly went to my car. I had a 2 door sedan.  It didn't fit!! As I stood in disbelief.. I cried. I can laugh about it now. But then not so much. I took it back in and asked for them to hold it for me till I found a friend with a larger vehicle to pick it up. They said fine I had till closing. I found a friend that came to my rescue and brought his SUV. I was so relieved and happy at the same time. The Farm House made it to my home and my life long passion began. Everything I see I question if it can be used in miniature,lol. I never knew this would be a hobby for life. It's wonderful, expressive, and creative. I will be sharing more on my hobby with all of you. If you like to visit my YouTube page you can go to my play list and you will see my Farm House and some projects that I put together. I am currently working on a Halloween Haunted house it is slow but steady. See my video's below on it's progress.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

It's never to early to think of Christmas for next year. Saving money year round goes hand and hand with financial goals that lead to financial Freedom.  Keeping a budget may be new to you or even something familiar.  Depending on your families yearly income things will vary. Lets do a simple numbers. Lets say you have a family 4 consisting of  husband, wife, and 2 children.
Husband $100.00
Wife        $100.00
Child 1    $120.00
Child 2    $120.00
Total        $480.00 to set aside for Christmas

That is $10.00 a week to save till the end of December
ramp up the amount so you will have it sooner for early shopping.

Lets not forget friends, family, and Teachers. Here are a few idea's.  Baked goods in a Dollar Tree Festive container or sweet bags that they have out now. Get beautiful boxed Christmas cards from the Dollar Tree while you are there. Remember their are lots of great ideas online, Pinterest, magazines, or books.  Now, if you don't bake or have a crafty bone in your body. You can find really nice gift idea's at the Dollar Tree through out the year so pick things up here and there. Tuck them away in a container or gift closet however your system works. Lastly if your on an extreme tight budget there is nothing better in the world than a receiving a hand written card or letter. Letting the person know the kind of difference they have made in your and your families life.   

Now Family that's a whole other story. We do something simple now every year. Adults do not gift to each other. A month or two before December. The children draw a name of another child. A cap of $20.00 is the norm. This helps each family.  We always get together on Christmas Day everyone brings a dish and desert. Let the good times roll!!! Have your camera to capture memories and create new ones. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017


                The hand's God gave us working diligently to bring beauty and memories.
I am blessed to share some of the wonderful work's of my friends here on youtube that joined my Crafty challenge. Enjoy the video!

It often amaze's me how one's imagination can translate to a piece of art. Just as the thought of someone sending a gift give's a smile. The time, effort, and travel to a Post Office. As if completing a journey of sorts. The art of writing a letter that has lessened with each generation. The expectations of a loved one or friend's writing sharing their life, moments, articles, and recipes. It's such a precious offering of memories. One can sit on a chair with coffee or hot chocolate wrapped up in a warm blanket.  A light nearby shedding a soft glow while a gentle smiles comes with the reading of cards, letters, articles, ephemera (photo's), and recipes. We often can tell who the writer is by the handwriting. Little nuance's of time's gone by... I remember as a child my father sending Birthday and Holiday cards to me. I knew just by the handwriting it was from him I was 5. As the years passed my cards and letters became a bit less when he was sick. My father is no longer with us. But I still have memories in my heart and hands that I can read over and over again. Let's take a step back into time and begin writing our family members, friends, and others. Plant the seed of writing in a child's path and watch it bloom. The art of writing needs to be embraced once again.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Good Morning,

I woke up at 5:00 am it's 38 degree's outside in Maryland. As I bundled with my house shoes and ruana wrap I trek downstairs quietly. The house is at brisk 65 degree's we still have not turned on the heat. It's not bad. Times are a bit tight for us right now. So saving a little here and there adds up quickly. I started a load of dish's. Turned on 2 Salted Caramel Dollar Tree candles. Filled up the coffee pot with the last bit of Walmart brand Creme Brulee coffee the kitchen is smelling divine. It's nice to come down early and start my day without the hustle and bustle of children.I feel it's important to have some quite time. As I sit here and write I'm thinking of my day. I have a long list in my head of what I would like to accomplish. Although, it will be only a quarter that will be done,lol. There is nothing wrong with gentle day. I pushed rather hard yesterday and I'm a bit tired.

I should have brought down my Bible and journal. No matter I will go online and do some study. I just noticed I have a My Daily Bread Book here on the table will read that and think on my day. Please know God has gifts and blessings for us every day and we must have our hearts, thoughts, and arms open to receive them. I hope you all have a Blessed day and remember to do a little something for yourselves. It's time for coffee now. I will talk to you later.

Saturday, October 14, 2017



I enjoy Freebies and there are alot of great places to find them. Here are 2 sites that I visit. I will share more in the coming day's. Enjoy my friends!!

 McGruff the crime dog has a free child safety kit. The kit includes the following items: Fun, family-friendly quizzes and games, Tear-out fingerprint card with child-safe fingerprint ink, McGruff the Crime Dog tear-out emergency numbers card and more. Those interested can order this kit right on their site. You can expect this sample to arrive within 4-8 weeks, if not longer. The sample will last as long as the supplies do.

Here are great site's to visit for Freebies!