Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Forgotten Art of Basics

I can recall visiting my grandmother and seeing her sewing machine in the small room. There would be projects and a basket sitting beside it. 

Sewing was common place. I came to visit at age 5 and seeing a small stack of fabric for a simple project on her dining room table and next to that a cookie tin. As soon as I saw that cookie tin I knew I was in for such a treat. I struggled to pop open the lid to only find sewing supplies.
I knew from then on that I would not be having any Butter Cookies when I saw that tin. Although, I was a bit disappointed I forged through that tin with such curiosity. Trying to figure out what these small tools where meant for. I ran my fingers against the thread and zippers taken off of old clothing turned to rags. I shook a small container that held random buttons some of metal, ornate, simple, big/small, and shapes that delighted my eye's. I felt like found treasure. I can remember seeing prices of $.10 cents or $.25 cents for buttons, threads, notions. They cost so much more now. 

             The Lost Art of Sewing and Basics 
My mother was not a sewer nor do I ever recall her mending anything. My first lessons where watching my grandmother. Later in life middle school to be exact I learned sewing in Home

Economics. I learned to cook, sew, budget, balance a check book, and shop for food on a budget while in class. My first project was a tan cotton bag with handles. I was terribly proud of it although it was a bit lop sided. I made it myself and that's all that mattered.

It was a wonderful class for life basics. Sadly, many schools don't have it within their curriculum's any more. I feel a lot of us myself included have forgotten to pass on these simple lessons that mean so much when our children leave the nest to live on their own successfully. Learning to budget, cook, clean, and repair instead buying something new. Making do with what you have or getting creative with food in the pantry for meals on a budget. Lets encourage our children, grand children, and the community to embrace these basic life skills. Planting to seed for pride in ability, responsibility, and frugality. 

Monday, May 13, 2019

U.S. and China Tariff Problem

Looking at the information above provided by the U.S. Census. It
easy to see that America is a consuming country. A throw away mentality. If something breaks just buy another why even try to take the time to fix. When is the last time you went to a Shoe Repair/Cobbler or Vacuum Repair. Its a sad way to live when people do not appreciate nor value the goods they own or buy.
A false sense of security has been built. We shop and visually feel secure of the abundant supplies of food and product that we reach for when shopping. Never truly fearing a day that the shelf may be empty at the store. 

What should we be concerned about? These tariffs will not be paid by the companies bringing over the product. We the consumers will pay the cost so who really is hurting here. The average American consumer will be hurt. Its effects will be felt in every purchase we make or no longer will be able to afford. Do not be surprised if the items you normally reach for are higher in price or simply no longer available. The increase will take a hit on our budgets. This will decrease the amount of money we normally have to allocate on bills, electric, heat, food, medicine, doctors, car payments, insurance, mortgage, rent and the list goes on.

The unseen victims American farmers that are struggling with already ruined crops and financial loss's. They are going to get another blow to their business and families lives. The effects of the crop loss's are felt around the world with unusual weather causing crop devastation.  

Prepping will be vital for all our regular needs. Focus on the important things and set aside money to get your home and family in a better place for food, medicine, and all your normal needs. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Pay Day Preps

Today, I bought Dollar Tree items and did a comparison with prices at Walmart. The savings are incredible. The money I saved allowed me to make a purchase of Augason Farms long term food that was on sale. I also noted that Walmart prices in a particular have risen in just a matter of a few weeks. This is a sound of alarm and concern. I hope you all make mental notes or have a binder/folder keeping track of your purchases location and price. This will help you make better purchasing decisions and keep track of whats happening in the economy. 

As most of us know the Big Box stores will steadily raise prices in small increments so its not such a big sticker shock. I knew this would occur with everything that is happening around the world with the Farmers and the effects of the weather. Food has declined in production due to harvest devastation. Gas prices have risen already hand in hand with the food prices. Its a cycle that cannot be helped but must be noted and acknowledged. I hope you all are taking the time to get ready with Water, Food, Medicine, and all your others needs. These small steps in preparation will be a blessings for days ahead when times are hard.