Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Forgotten Art of Basics

I can recall visiting my grandmother and seeing her sewing machine in the small room. There would be projects and a basket sitting beside it. 

Sewing was common place. I came to visit at age 5 and seeing a small stack of fabric for a simple project on her dining room table and next to that a cookie tin. As soon as I saw that cookie tin I knew I was in for such a treat. I struggled to pop open the lid to only find sewing supplies.
I knew from then on that I would not be having any Butter Cookies when I saw that tin. Although, I was a bit disappointed I forged through that tin with such curiosity. Trying to figure out what these small tools where meant for. I ran my fingers against the thread and zippers taken off of old clothing turned to rags. I shook a small container that held random buttons some of metal, ornate, simple, big/small, and shapes that delighted my eye's. I felt like found treasure. I can remember seeing prices of $.10 cents or $.25 cents for buttons, threads, notions. They cost so much more now. 

             The Lost Art of Sewing and Basics 
My mother was not a sewer nor do I ever recall her mending anything. My first lessons where watching my grandmother. Later in life middle school to be exact I learned sewing in Home

Economics. I learned to cook, sew, budget, balance a check book, and shop for food on a budget while in class. My first project was a tan cotton bag with handles. I was terribly proud of it although it was a bit lop sided. I made it myself and that's all that mattered.

It was a wonderful class for life basics. Sadly, many schools don't have it within their curriculum's any more. I feel a lot of us myself included have forgotten to pass on these simple lessons that mean so much when our children leave the nest to live on their own successfully. Learning to budget, cook, clean, and repair instead buying something new. Making do with what you have or getting creative with food in the pantry for meals on a budget. Lets encourage our children, grand children, and the community to embrace these basic life skills. Planting to seed for pride in ability, responsibility, and frugality. 

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