Friday, September 13, 2019

Home Weekly Wrap Up

Hello Friends, 

Thanks for coming by to visit. This week has been an interesting one indeed. The children came home sick with colds and passed it lovingly to the rest of the family. We have been struggling with this most the week. Many months ago I bought several Mucinex Children's Multi-system Cold/Flu Releif Night Time from the Dollar Tree. I knew it was inevitable that we would get sick through out the school year and I was right. These were a part of my Prepping efforts and it paid off. So, far we have used 3 bottles that go for $12.93 each online Walmart. I paid $1.00 each saving $35.79. I also picked up several Adult Mucinex they had available. We are well stocked and it was a Blessing.
This week I plan to transfer some of my cereal into long term food storage. I went online and bought some 5 mil 1 Gallon Mylar Bags that came with the oxygen absorber's. I always look for 5 mil it has a nice thickness. I will either use my food saver on the heat sealing mode or a flat iron to seal them. So, that will be an all day activity. My family will thank me later when times get tight (economically). We will still have their favorite cereals on hand.

 I have many glass jars that I have kept from pasta sauces, jelly jars, etc. I need to decide if I will use dried beans (several kinds), corn, rice, or pasta's in them. I also want to transfer some spices into smaller Ball Jars for longer term storage
Lastly, I will continue to work on my immediate and long term food storage re-organization. I will make a list of items I feel we need re-stock or I have completely used up. 

My Craft Room still awaits patiently for me and I have many idea's of things I want to create. 

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Prepping with Keystone Canned Beef and Ground Beef Review

Hello friends, 

I wanted to share a bit of my prepping efforts. I invested in 20 cans Keystone Beef 28 oz. These cans are over 1lb 8oz each. Keystone is a U.S.A. company. The meat is cooked during the canning process. So, all you have to do is heat, season to taste, and serve. This is perfect for those unable or not interested learning how to can. I will post my Keystone Ground Beef review below: please note the Keystone Ground Beef is a finer smaller portioned meat verse the Keystone Beef I just bought 20 cans of...
Perks for the Ground Beef:    
1. Its a fine ground beef small portions good for spaghetti sauce, fajitas, rice bowls etc..
  2. Great for those with dental issues and can not chew large pieces of meat. 

I chose to purchase the Beef because its has a bigger bite to it. I do plan on adding the ground beef to my pantry as well. Look below to see the video for the Ground Beef. Remember friends there is no wrong or right way to prep. Every person and family is different. The important thing is to Start! The average family has 2 or 3 days of food in their pantry. We need to get back to basics as our ancestors did and have a full pantry to get them by for months.

Friday, September 6, 2019

My Homes Weekly Wrap Up

Hello Friends,

This is my weekly wrap up in a letter form,lol, just for kicks. This was a exciting and emotional week for me. My children started school and it went well thank goodness. I however like most stay at home moms I struggled with the change. The lack of company and normal joyful sounds of play, questions, and daily activities came to a screeching holt. After 4 days I am much better now. My days are more at ease and my anxiousness has subsided. 

As I worked around the house to keep busy the silence was deafening. I had to leave and do some shopping therapy. I found my days went faster keeping busy. So, now I have alot of idea's, projects, and to do list's for my quite days. 

I am embracing my home making it feel like a cozy oasis. I have alot of idea's and much to do to accomplish it. No. 1 I have alot to donate from my childrens toys, clothes, books, adult clothing etc.. I am on the fence on selling them instead. I need to decide what I want to do. The money/income from anything will help with the home and future needs of course. But I like to give back to the community just like I enjoy finding treasure someone else can too. 

My homemakers pantry has been neglected and disorganized. I have a lot to accomplish on that end including transferring food into Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers and putting them away for longer storage. Looking at my food stock and making lists of what my family needs. 

My home needs to get winter proofed once again. I have already bought the Duck brand window sealing kits, bought door draft stoppers from Christmas Tree Shop, and sealing tapes. I need to decide what day to start this much needed project as the Farmers Almanac has predicted a very cold winter for my area.  
Just a few things to put on my list. I need to make sure my children have winter coats, boots, and clothing for this winter. I have already bought coat from the thrift store for my older child but I may need 2 more for my younger children. I have to go through our small coat closet and see what I am working with. 

Lastly, I need to get back to a little me time. Bible Study (at home),reading good books, working on my Dollhouse Miniatures, and Scrap booking. Its been a long time since I have had free time like this. I need to re-claim me time and enjoy it. 

Thanks for popping in Friends take care

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

IMO 2020 More Prices Hikes on Import Goods outside the Tariff War What!!!

  IMO (Internal Maritime Organization2020? What is this? Not alot of people are aware of the coming changes in January 2020. These changes effect the fuel used by shipping tankers that carry imports and products around the world. So, how does that affect me? Let me tell you....

 In short the IMO was set up to reduce the amount of sulfur in fuels used in these ships. Many are not compliant and the costs associated for this upgrade is extremely expensive for the new scrubbers. These tankers require dry dock in order to have the installation of the scrubber for compliance therefore being out of commission until updated. Additionally, the fuel cost have risen with the new compliance. These costs will be passed on to the consumer via higher prices on goods. Between, the Tariff War USA and China prices in the local super markets, big box stores, and thrift stores have already gone up! Now, we have to consider the additional cost that will passed down to the consumer for the IMO 2020. 

This is Why Prepping is essential for all families. Your fore thought and consideration for your families well being will be a Blessing during hard times. Having water, food, and medicine for your home. I personally believe in having several months worth of food at all times. Lets not forget the importance of the necessary seasonal items like winter boots, coats, clothing and alternative forms of cooking/heating etc... Every family is unique and will have a different list of needs according to the climate/medical issues/ and more.

Below I have linked 2 articles but there are a ton more out there.

Here is a link with a short article written by Rueters:
and here is a FreightWaves article: