Friday, September 6, 2019

My Homes Weekly Wrap Up

Hello Friends,

This is my weekly wrap up in a letter form,lol, just for kicks. This was a exciting and emotional week for me. My children started school and it went well thank goodness. I however like most stay at home moms I struggled with the change. The lack of company and normal joyful sounds of play, questions, and daily activities came to a screeching holt. After 4 days I am much better now. My days are more at ease and my anxiousness has subsided. 

As I worked around the house to keep busy the silence was deafening. I had to leave and do some shopping therapy. I found my days went faster keeping busy. So, now I have alot of idea's, projects, and to do list's for my quite days. 

I am embracing my home making it feel like a cozy oasis. I have alot of idea's and much to do to accomplish it. No. 1 I have alot to donate from my childrens toys, clothes, books, adult clothing etc.. I am on the fence on selling them instead. I need to decide what I want to do. The money/income from anything will help with the home and future needs of course. But I like to give back to the community just like I enjoy finding treasure someone else can too. 

My homemakers pantry has been neglected and disorganized. I have a lot to accomplish on that end including transferring food into Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers and putting them away for longer storage. Looking at my food stock and making lists of what my family needs. 

My home needs to get winter proofed once again. I have already bought the Duck brand window sealing kits, bought door draft stoppers from Christmas Tree Shop, and sealing tapes. I need to decide what day to start this much needed project as the Farmers Almanac has predicted a very cold winter for my area.  
Just a few things to put on my list. I need to make sure my children have winter coats, boots, and clothing for this winter. I have already bought coat from the thrift store for my older child but I may need 2 more for my younger children. I have to go through our small coat closet and see what I am working with. 

Lastly, I need to get back to a little me time. Bible Study (at home),reading good books, working on my Dollhouse Miniatures, and Scrap booking. Its been a long time since I have had free time like this. I need to re-claim me time and enjoy it. 

Thanks for popping in Friends take care

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  1. Its hard when your used to having a busy house, then all of a sudden you have all this free time and its an adjustment for sure..happy your feeling more comfortable now and have things planned that will help occupy your time as well as enable you to do things that you enjoy doing(time for yourself) as well as those things that need to be done..take ❤ care...this is my first time coming here but now that im aware of it i will visit more often