Saturday, February 29, 2020

It Started!!!! The Run on Food!!!!

Panic has set in my friends. Yesterday, I decided to stay home because my back hurt. Although, I still had a list of things to buy for my pantry. I read a article online that titled A Run On Food and Empty Shelves. The article shared how lack of imports for food/product that in turn (empty shelves) would cause prices to rise due to the effects of the Coronavirus and Economy.

I immediately cringed knowing that my simple tasks for getting supplies will no longer be simple. I knew that people who are unprepared would panic and flood the stores. That is exactly what took place where my sister lives in Virginia. Her Walmart was a scene from Christmas Time (Shoppers) x10!!!!! The shoppers were loading up on shelf stable foods (canned, cereal, bars) etc. It was so bad that they left quickly do to the overwhelming amount of people wanting the same thing FOOD!

I am blessed because I have been prepping for a while now so I am not experiencing the panic as others. I reached out to my family expressing a warning for them to prep for their families needs well before this time.. It fell on deaf ears. Now, they are experiencing the reality of a Food Run with possible shortages. Let's top it off with a Quarantine and Economic Collapse! The true test of preparedness. I wonder if they really thought things through when making purchases. Did they cover their needs:
1. Water
2. Food
3. Medicine
4. Seasonal Needs (generator/gas/camp stoves/propane)etc.
5. Cash on hand in case a bank holiday

USA thinking it's untouchable to anything from a lack of food, virus, bank runs, and economic collapse. It's all happening at once. 

I truly feel we are in times of judgement. I pray that all of you have a strong relationship with God to get you through the hard times ahead. Read your Bibles and strengthen your spiritual armor.  

It's still not to late to get what you and your families need. Remember if your family is struggling go to Food Banks and get Food Stamps. It's there for a reason no family should ever go hungry. 

Sunday, February 16, 2020

SHTF Knocking On Our Doors! What Are You Waiting For!!!!

In the past several weeks I have watched the numbers of those infected with the Coronavirus rise. I've seen truly heart wrenching videos. One particular of children who had passed ages no less than 4 years old and below. The bodies placed side by side in one body bag along with their coats/clothing. I cried, prayed, and prayed again. I am no stranger to these types of scenes as I was a Safety Defects Analyst and received fatalities reports from around the world for review, report, and investigation daily. But these scenes of these children with no parents around to comfort them. Surrounded by doctors in full dress for infection barely trying to touch them unless only out of necessity. I wonder if they had any comfort from a loved one to hold them and stroke them so they knew they were not alone. We know the answer No. That could happen here in the USA with our loved one and infected children. 

I've seen videos of people being forced into a mode of survival like non-before. Some of these videos are disturbing to say the least. I wish we could do more to help these people as our day here in the USA will come for us. 

The CDC (Center Disease Control) has clearly stated the USA will be affected and it's communities. Quarantines may become common place in the USA. The CDC stated the virus will be with us well past 2020. 

The DOD (Department of Defense) has already began to set up Quarantine Stations these are the ones we know of...I'm sure there are many more not being announced:
The new quarantine centers are:

  • JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii (HNL)
  • Great Lakes Training Center Navy Base, Illinois (ORD)
  • Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Texas (DFW)
  • March ARB, California (LAX)
  • Travis AFB, California (SFO)
  • Dobbins ARB, Georgia (ATL)
  • Fort Hamilton, New York (JFK)
  • Naval Base Kitsap, Washington (SEA)
  • Joint Base Anacostia, Washington DC (IAD)
  • Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey (EWR)
  • Fort Custer Training Center, Michigan (DTW)
                                                      Graph above provided by

Articles are being written as I type of expected empty shelves do to lack of inventory Walmart, Target, Safeway, and the list goes on etc.. The articles are stating empty shelves or lack of supplies as early as April 2020. The USA leans so heavily for imports food/product from China and other countries is beyond comprehension. 

Graph above is provided by the

If imports don't pick up Food Prices will Rise. Get your pantry
stocked up now while the availability is there and prices are reasonable. 

I urge you to have several weeks if not months worth of water, food, and supplies you normally use. If your community is affected with Quarantine you/family will fair better. Now lets no stop there the economy is being shook up as well. So, play it safe have some money in small bills on hand in case things happen that are not the norm. I pray you all are investing in your in preps so that no matter what happens you and your family will be good. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

My Pantry Goals This Week

Having a list of items needed or goals for your Pantry is important.
Times will become hard and well all will lean on our Pantries much more than usual. Setting up some goals will help to build it up. Here is what I wanted to accomplish this week: 

1. Red Feather Butter (Repeat Purchase)
I have been wanting to order more Red Feather Butter this is from New Zealand. So, I saved my money and placed an order $164.00 for a case of 24 cans. These are not cheap but worth every single penny. Great for times when things are lean and butter can be pricey. The butter is real butter and taste just like Sweet Cream Butter but in a can that stays shelf stable till opened. I already have some in my pantry but wished to have more. Just received it yesterday. 

I ordered mine from Pleasant Hill Grain link is below:

2. Augason Farms Flour 17lbs Buckets 2:
These have been on my list for a while. Flour can get very messy when transferring from packaging to long term buckets. So, my husband chose to order to 17lb pound buckets for our long term storage. I can make bread in a pinch. Its Winter and the weather is cold and perfect time to let them sit in the garage so the cold temps can kill eggs etc.. He bought them from Amazon. It has been recieved.

3. Canned Foods:
Now, this is a constant for me since we are a large family. Today, I visited for the 1st time Lidl. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see some good deals. I bought 6 cans of Lidl Premium Chunk 
Chicken Breast in water 12.5 oz for $1.55 each. These normally run for over $2.09 in other stores. Dates out to November 2022. Can shown is not Lidl brand but used for reference. 

Additionally, I bought 6 cans of Hearty Stew Beef 20oz (1lb 4oz) these are like Dinty Moore Stew but cheaper. The cost of these were $1.69 on sale normally $2.00. These all have dates out to October 2022. 
4. Butter:
We use Sweet Cream Butter Salted and Unsalted. I found them for a excellent price at Lidl as well $1.79 (4 Sticks 16oz). I bought 2 Salted and 2 unsalted. Picture below is for reference not Lidl Brand.
5. Bega Cheese (Canned): This is a Australian product therefore its been difficult to get now with the wild fires. I set up a pre-order via Pleasant Hill Grain so when it comes in I will get a case of 36 for $112.00. My family truly enjoys cheese. Cheese as well can be expensive. To have this in my pantry for my family during hard/leans times will mean a great deal. Estimated time now for arrival is 3/2020

Saturday, February 1, 2020

What exactly do you have?

       This is the time to see what you really have.
No matter what your pantry looks like it's important to take stock of what you have on hand. Food is a type of insurance that every family or individual should invest in. Check out my Article on Real Facts Canned verses Dry in a Emergency (Right side Bar) and how they have their place in certain kinds of situations like Coronavirus/Yellow Stone Super Volcano Eruption, Hurricane or Job Loss etc... 

America has grown very dependent on other countries like China for food and general products. The Coronavirus has taken a major toll on China it's people and companies. Thus taking an effect on the production and exports of goods to other countries. A little known fact is a vast amount of medicine and ingredients are provided and sent from China. We are looking at a possible shortage of medicine as well. We will feel the effects soon. 

This article was written in September 2019:

This article was written on January 13, 2020

This article written January 15, 2020

Alaska Prepper on Youtube shared a video on several major companies Augason Farms, Emergency Essentials, and Patriot Supply showing all the long term packages (1 year or more) are completely sold out. I have never in my many years of prepping seen this happen. 

Between the Coronavirus, Yellowstone Super Volcano, Economy, Food Reduction (Grand Solar Minimum) and general life events. We are facing more uncertainty than ever. Most Americans only have a few days worth of food in their homes. This number is a sad reality. I encourage everyone to work on your pantry's and have several weeks worth of food. After that work on more. 

Buy: Water
Buy Food: canned or long term
Grow your own Food (vegetables/fruit/herbs)
Canning Foods: this is not an option for everyone
Food Pantries: Church or general Food Pantry locations
in return volunteer your time
Recipes: Look for 5 ingredients or less
Cooking at home will save your money

Go to your local area's stores that have the best food deals. Look at the advertisement's, cut coupons, use apps (clipless coupons). Use apps that earn you money on certain buys. Like Ibotta, Fetch, Rakutan, and more. Look at videos on youtube for couponer's and how they worked their deals to help save you time and money. 

Don't buy food that you or your family will not regularly eat because it's on sale. It's important to have a pantry that makes sense for your family in real needs.  
No matter what your shelves look like it's important to see what you have verses what you need. Make a list and work towards them.