Saturday, February 1, 2020

What exactly do you have?

       This is the time to see what you really have.
No matter what your pantry looks like it's important to take stock of what you have on hand. Food is a type of insurance that every family or individual should invest in. Check out my Article on Real Facts Canned verses Dry in a Emergency (Right side Bar) and how they have their place in certain kinds of situations like Coronavirus/Yellow Stone Super Volcano Eruption, Hurricane or Job Loss etc... 

America has grown very dependent on other countries like China for food and general products. The Coronavirus has taken a major toll on China it's people and companies. Thus taking an effect on the production and exports of goods to other countries. A little known fact is a vast amount of medicine and ingredients are provided and sent from China. We are looking at a possible shortage of medicine as well. We will feel the effects soon. 

This article was written in September 2019:

This article was written on January 13, 2020

This article written January 15, 2020

Alaska Prepper on Youtube shared a video on several major companies Augason Farms, Emergency Essentials, and Patriot Supply showing all the long term packages (1 year or more) are completely sold out. I have never in my many years of prepping seen this happen. 

Between the Coronavirus, Yellowstone Super Volcano, Economy, Food Reduction (Grand Solar Minimum) and general life events. We are facing more uncertainty than ever. Most Americans only have a few days worth of food in their homes. This number is a sad reality. I encourage everyone to work on your pantry's and have several weeks worth of food. After that work on more. 

Buy: Water
Buy Food: canned or long term
Grow your own Food (vegetables/fruit/herbs)
Canning Foods: this is not an option for everyone
Food Pantries: Church or general Food Pantry locations
in return volunteer your time
Recipes: Look for 5 ingredients or less
Cooking at home will save your money

Go to your local area's stores that have the best food deals. Look at the advertisement's, cut coupons, use apps (clipless coupons). Use apps that earn you money on certain buys. Like Ibotta, Fetch, Rakutan, and more. Look at videos on youtube for couponer's and how they worked their deals to help save you time and money. 

Don't buy food that you or your family will not regularly eat because it's on sale. It's important to have a pantry that makes sense for your family in real needs.  
No matter what your shelves look like it's important to see what you have verses what you need. Make a list and work towards them.

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  1. So true! Great ideas! With all the problems facing the world with disease, global warming weather/disaster issues we need to be prepared! We are lucky living in the country & have plenty of room for gardens & abundance of fruit trees & bushes for canning. We do have on our list another generator, more rain barrels & solar panels, maybe a windmill although with all our bird friends these worry me(we have a lot of eagles etc. being close to a large lake/river) We live on a big hill so it is constantly windy just wish there was a better way to harness the wind🤔