Friday, July 8, 2022

The Wolf Prepper Will they Take Everything?


On YouTube there is a big talking point called Wolf Prepping. A Wolf Prepper is a person that looks for preppers and their supplies.  What is a Prepper? A person that prepares for uncertain and challenging times. They prepare by getting water, food, medicine, and a means to protect your home/family. Some Preppers have just a few weeks worth of supplies and others years worth. What does this Wolf do? This Wolf goes from home to home and takes everything you have so carefully prepared for. This person(s) use what they find mindlessly with no pause or caution. In their mindset they will continue to hunt for what they need.

What you may find in there homes Wolf/Prepper.

Water, Water Purifiers, Juices, Coffee, Canned Drinks, Dry Drinks, Water Barrels

Food Canned, Dry Goods, Dehydrated, Seeds, Garden 

Long Term Foods 15-30 Shelf Life Foods

Medicine and First Aid Varies 

Clothing, Shoes, Coats

Alternative Cooking and for Warmth Wood Stove, Propane Stove, Solar Oven, Rocket Stove, Generators and Fuel

These is just a sample but by no means a complete list. 

These Wolf Preppers can ravage and take what they want but they can't take away your skills for cooking, mending, home remedies, gardening and most importantly your spiritual relationship with God. Our memories won't be stripped from us nor our desire to survive. 

My Personal Experience:

Things can always be taken away but your true bounty is God and the spiritual armor your have built for these times. You see in my lifetime I have come to lose all my worldly possessions 2 times. Once to a fire and another to escape a abusive relationship. 1st time I had only the clothes on my back and second time clothes on my back with children in tow.  These were trying times for sure. I quickly learned everything lost can be regained. It was a fresh start indeed to start all over again. But my greatest blessing my children were with me and safe. My memories were still in tacked and my Faith. So, you see regardless of what kind of Wolf comes into your life. You will be survive it and come out stronger. 


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