Monday, July 11, 2022

Dollhouse Miniature Attic Diy Project

 On my YouTube channel I have been sharing some 1:12 scale Diy projects for my dollhouse miniature attic project. Above you see the video and how to for my projects. I will briefly describe them below.

Project 1: I recycled a box that held themed macaron markers and turned it into a Christmas tree storage bag with a vintage feel. The tree inside has seen better days. It was a Dollar Tree Christmas find. 

Project 2: I created the leopard statue. The leopard is a pendent that I purchased from Shein in their Diy section. they came 10 to a bag. I simply snipped off the top used some wood I had on had and found paper that resembled the ground.

Project 3: This framed picture is a gem for sure. The photo came from Shein in their stationary section. The little book was perfect 1:12 scale and jam packed with beautiful and interesting pictures for future projects. 

As I gathered my items and gave thought to each one I found a peacefulness. I can honestly say this hobby brings joy and a tranquility. I will be posting more on channel. To see my video's subscribe to my channel on Youtube so you don't miss a beat.

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  1. I always love watching you do these miniatures. I'm wanting to build a dollhouse too.