Friday, January 26, 2018

                                              By Wisdom a House is Built       
Proverbs 24: 3-4
3 By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; 
4 through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.

Reading this scripture provides me with comfort and joy. My home is a humble one we are not home owners rather renters. Most of our furniture is used and well loved by other's. I
 shop at Thrift Stores often making my home special on a limited budget. As I may have shared before we are small business owners a one income family of 6.  Reading material has always been considered by me to be a treasure. Books can teach you provide travel, fantasy, and adventure.  I have a few shelves with books that have been found at thrift stores, dollar tree's and given to me by my family. My sister just came by today with some of the clothes her sons have grown out of and books for my children to read that had been well read by her children. Blessings rain down in so many ways. While our treasures may not be grand nor exquisite they are wonderful. Keeping in mind that rare and wonderful treasures could be a child's photo or art work the Bible laid open to one of your favorite verses. A hand made quilt or crocheted blanket. Pillows fashioned out of left over material or quirky table mats. Even a well kept house that is warm and welcoming to all. In my season of life a well kept house is laughable. I have young children. My days consist of a array of toys to dodge as I walk. Never ending piles of dish's that compliment the piles of laundry. Crumbs on the floor that never end. The treasures get blurry in the mist of the flurry of family and life.
Take heart for every season there are changes. My seasons are gently changing and things will change  and so will yours.  My beautiful rare treasures are my children's laughter and smiles my husbands love and our good health. I couldn't ask for more. Although, a well kept house would be great,lol I hope you enjoyed my friends. 
                                          Thrift Store Treasure Hunting

Hello my friends I wanted to share with you some of the Treasures I found at the Thrift Store. While I was there I also donated 2 30 gallon trash bags one consisted of toys and the other 8 winter coats ,clothing, 4 snow pants, shoes, and scarves.  It felt great to de-clutter a bit and share some of our good fortune with others. As a homemaker living on a budget that sometimes may feels almost non-existent. I look for Treasure in the Thrift stores to make my home feel warm and inviting.  I hope you enjoy the short video that shows the wonderful pieces I found.                                                                                                                                        

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

                                         A peek into my working Pantry

This is a small peak into my working pantry where I store canned goods, sauces, spices, etc.
This particular shelf stands in my kitchen open space. I shared just a few shelves to give you an idea of items I buy for my family of 6.  These foods are used and replenished of course. Every family will be different with their needs, wants, and likes. I have additional shelves to share and pantry closet. These I will share bit by bit. My personal  goal is to have a few months worth of provisions for my family. Its a slow but steady process. I also am going to try my hand in canning.  As a one income family my fears of job injury, health, job loss, and or death seem to loom over me. Im not even touching upon our fiat currency the U.S. is running off on and/or civil strife/war or other political issues that could cripple the U.S. markets, foods, and goods.  I feel more confident in knowing I will be able to provide nourishment to my family if such an ill fate arrives. I hope you enjoy my share and inspire you to work on your pantry.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Marriage Woes 

Ephesians 4:32 And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you. 
  The struggles are real in any relationship. When you no longer tune in to each other and rather tune out. When we allow our world to revolve around our children, career, or other ambitions. Forgetting to nurture and grow our relationship's with our husband's (significant other).  When kind words are no longer a part of the day. When you don't look forward to seeing each other.  When your unable to remember the last time you held each other kissed, touched, or made love. It may have been days, months, or years. 

Our relationships are what we put into them. Do you feel all you do is to try and try with no acknowledgement of your efforts or return?  Please know God see's your effort's. However, it maybe time to find new solutions to old problems. One of the main issue's in relationship's are communication and listening. My marriage has it's up and downs. Especially, recently where communication has become a issue. I will admit I am guilty of being stubborn. However, when I do put forth effort to acknowledge and listen to what my husband say's it makes a world of difference.  Especially, if I address his concerns and make changes in my home or routine. This lets him know I am listening and I care. I know what makes my husband smile and what doesn't. I am human and in my immature moments I won't do what makes him happy like a hot meal waiting for him after a long day. I know I can push myself to complete the task but I simply won't just because I'm unhappy with something he may have said, done, or not done.  Spitefulness (anger/pettiness), is not good in any relationship it just creates more strife and hardships. This I am learning and changing. We often chose our own happiness and its route. I am making positive strides towards building my relationship with God and in turn my husband. I am not perfect nor is he we are human and make mistakes. My challenge to you is to go out of your comfort zone to improve your relationship. Listen and acknowledge what your partner is saying. Makes changes to show that your are listening and you care. Everyday reach out and physically touch it can be a hug, passing of the hands, a touch on the arm, back, face, or standing side by side.  Embrace each other before leaving for the day and hug when they return. Bring back the romance that brought you together. Pray in the evening and pray at meal time while touching hands. When the relationship of a husband and wife are strong the roots run deep and are almost indestructible. I hope you enjoyed my fruit of the day.  If any of you can relate let me know down below.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Finding Treasure for my Home

The treasures I found today are wonderful. As I look for items for my home and savings for my family I shop at thrift stores. My guest bathroom has the toiletries lying on the floor. Terrible I know. Today I found the perfect container with a beach theme that is charming and functional for $5.99 which I gladly paid for. I then traveled down the road to my second shop. You see my sister and I had been looking for cloth table napkins and found them to be extremely expensive in the stores. To my delight I found some. The first set with the gold white and red are for my sister $1.98 per set. They will be a gift. The black and burnt Orange sets are mine $1.98 per set. Along my search I found a a beautiful table topper that is quilted with an Apple in the middle for 99 cents. Then next to that was hanging a set of blue jean place mats perfect for my children for $2.98. Lastly, a bag of high quality cloth ribbon for 1.98.  After discounts and coupon I had for the store I paid 7.00 for my bounty at the second store. Always remember to check for membership cards discount and specials.