Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Spring Time Front Door Blooms

This is a simple front door Basket of Blooms I wanted to share from the Gooseberry Patch Book titled all through the Seasons recipes & crafts (Collectors Edition).

Choose a wire basket made to hang on a door. Line the basket with Spanish moss,then fill it with potting soil. Following the planting instructions for your climate, fill the basket with your favorite spring bulbs. Now, keep it watered...before you know it you'll have springtime color that will brighten your home.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Real Facts Dry Foods vs Canned in a Emergency

Dry Goods vs Canned Friend or Foe

When looking at emergency situations and events there are several things to consider.

 #1 You need Water!!!!! You cannot survive without water.
Now, that water is out of the way. Lets dive in.

                                         Dry Goods
-They can last a long time if properly stored                    
-They can give you energy and nutrition you will need                  
-You can store alot without to much for spoilage
-You can buy them now at a reasonable price.  
-You can trade for other goods              
-You need water hydrate 
-They need time to hydrate
-They need time to cook
-They may need Spices
-You will use more of your cooking heat source to cook
wood,propane, or gas
-You may suffer food fatigue 
-You can't eat it raw

                                      Canned Goods

Cons: Canned goods have a shorter life span compared to dry goods. If not used within a reasonable amount of time they can be comprised (look below Can Safety). You need a can opener.

 Most canned goods need no water. If your stressed out and can't get yourself together. Canned goods will be your friend. They can provide a quick way to eat and not use alot of your heat sources. Some canned foods can be consumed with no heat. Canned goods provide a different flavors that may help in a high stress situation and provide a form or normalcy. 

Having a variety of canned goods is important. Now, remember canned goods with high acidity have a shorter shelf life (tomato sauce, canned fruits, pasta sauces).

You will need to consider your families likes and needs. We have canned soups (various), beans, chicken, spam, corned beef hash etc.. 
I like to have foods that are pre-seasoned (canned) so that's less step to think about. 

                                          Can Food Safety!
All cans have a best by date here in the USA. These are a date provided by the food manufacturer to guarantee taste and nutritional value. Canned foods last well past their best by dates. I have consumed canned goods 2 years past the best by date. They were just fine. Remember to rotate your supply of food using the oldest first.

If your can is Bulging               Throw it Away!
If your can doesn't sit evenly   Throw it Away!
If your can is rusting                Throw it Away!
If the can is leaking                  Throw it Away!
If the air tight seal is gone        Throw it Away!

If your can has none of these possible issues open it look at it and smell it does it pass your visual, smell and taste test. Then your good to go.

Tip: in a Emergency situation use and keep all fluids that maybe normally drained from your cans to use for preparation of meals to lesson the use of your limited water.

My Personal Opinion: I feel its important to have both dry and canned goods as they both serve a purpose in different situations and life needs.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Dollar Tree Science for Kids Kit Gel Ball Review

I bought this Science for Kids kit from the Dollar Tree for $1.00. 

They normally bring them out during the warm months of the year. The kit contains instructions and the gel ball pack (sealed). The instructions are easy place in a container add water and watch them grow. I added a little over a cup of water and it took 30 minutes for them to get to the full size. I wanted to do this and see the difference from a Amazon Gel Ball kit I bought year ago and I can honestly say that these are just the same but cheaper. 

Check out the video for the short review. The enjoyed the size, colors, and consistency of the gel. Would I buy these again Yes! This would be a fun thing to do during the summer, trips, sleep overs, and picnics bring them in a zip lock baggy and let them play. If you squeeze them hard they will will turn to mush that is part of the fun for kiddos too. 

These are the items used:  kit, kitchen towel, scissors, glass measuring cup, and a little over 1 cup of water into the measuring cup.

 This is the sealed package containing  the 100 gel balls.
This is what the gel balls look like dry inside the measuring cup. 
 After 25-30 minutes all the water has been used to form the 100 gel balls featured below the colors are vibrant and fun.