Thursday, July 15, 2021

Be In The Moment

What are the essential skills for homemaking?

I grew up in a home where my mother was never home. I was not shown or provided the steps how to make a home a peaceful, calm, or a loving place. As, I forged my way in the life. I picked up a little here and there. I never truly understood till later in life. What it was all about. I also found that every home will be different. We should appreciate the difference's in the families and their homes. Embrace the unique ways each home serves them.

Not every home will have a cookie cutter look. Nor will you find a picturesque view as above. We all are in different seasons. We should enjoy these times. 

Regardless if you live by yourself, partner/husband, or family (with kiddos). We can be in the moment everyday when cooking, reading, laughing, crafting, walking, talking, washing dish's...or simply looking at the sky. Retraining our thoughts to savor the simple moments in life that have been given to us. I know this is not what you expected.

Especially, with the subject of essentials of homemaking. I feel it's extremely important to start where it all starts BEING IN THE MOMENT.

I struggled today to write this. I found myself not truly being in the moment. I kept looking around at everything that had to be done. Listening to my children their banter. Worrying about the 100 plus degree weather today. The dish's in the sink. The bank run that has to be made. Dinner for this evening. The laundry in the basket, mirror to be cleaned, vacuuming and the list goes on. I had to truly stop clear my mind and be here for this moment. So, it can be done my friends. Enjoy these moments in life every single one counts.