Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Antiquarian Sticker Walk Through Page By Page

Today, I am sharing 2 different Antiquarian Sticker Books I recently purchased from Amazon. I found them to be charming and unique. The hard back covers are illustrated beautifully. The quality of the books blew me away! I as scrolled page by page my interest grew. These are great for all kinds of paper crafts from cards, scrapbooking, monthly/daily books, mixed media, gifts, and junk journaling. Although, I saw a few more books which I have placed in my Wish List. I wanted to share how lovely these are. Below are my 2 youtube videos so you can take a good look at them and here is my Amazon affiliate links for them if you like to buy them. 

Here is my affiliate link on Amazon: $13.24 the other sticker book Amazon affiliate link for this book: $12.99

Dollhouse Miniatures From Grab Bags and More

 I have been buying from for many years. I am sharing my purchase video above. You can see all the wonderful items I chose. I have another box that came in with Reutter pieces that are delightful make sure to subscribe to my channel to see them soon. Below is their newest catalog. I am always excited to see their newest dollhouse miniatures. 

Did you know that once a year they have a grab bag they offer one per purchase. These grab bags can be anything dollhouse miniature related.  You never know what you may get. So, it's always exciting to see what they may send. Although, I will admit my newest miniatures haven't found their homes yet in one of my many treasured dollhouse's. I will be working on this during these upcoming months. I will post video's on youtube and photos here. Enjoy