Saturday, July 6, 2019

Dollhouse Miniature Ebay Finds

   Dollhouse Miniatures 1:12 Scale

  Here I share one of my passions Dollhouse      Miniature's in 1:12 scale. I bought these pieces in a  lot from eBay this week. When I saw them I knew  they had to be mine. The wood, design, and  function are wonderful and will compliment my  collection. I invite to follow my channel as I share  my 1:12 Buttercup thrift store find. I am doing a  series for a Haunted House. with the Buttercup model. See all the changes and creations I will share.


  1. Beautiful! Love them all.....

  2. Those are so lovely! Great detail. I have to many other hobbies to start this, but love to see other people's works. Always check out the entries at the IA state fair, going this weekend, Halloween or haunted houses are my favorite. I have Dept56 Halloween village & the Lemax, plus the Addams & Munster houses. Also most of the Coca Cola & Dept56 New England snow villages, with some pieces from other Dept56 villages I like & some Lemax pieces,plus just got all Mom's think its original or Dickens she's purging! Have cut back to only buying a couple pieces of the Halloween when they go on sale!

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