Friday, July 5, 2019

How Homes Kept Cool Before the A.C.

In the State of Maryland we have been struggling with 101 degree days and very humid conditions. To cope I keep a stand up fan that rotates in the main living area and keep the A.C. at 75 degree's. If I know I will be out for a long period of time I put it temperature at 77 degree's. The curtains on the windows stay closed. I decided to keep some of the plastic sheeting on the windows from the Winter. This has helped to keep the heat out. I need to perform this again on the windows I did not get to.

Our electricity began to act funny last night. I immediately thought Oh No!!! I can't deal with this crazy heat. I better look into alternatives. Here is what I found out. If you have any other ideas leave your suggestion below.

Modern Day
-Keep Curtains Closed
-Insulate your Doors and Windows 
-Use Room Darkening Curtains they keep the Light/Sun and a bit of the heat out.
-Keep that Plastic Wrap on the windows from winter it will help to keep the heat out and A.C. inside.
-Try not use the dryer or oven during peak heat hours
-Close off rooms that are not used and divert the ventilation for other rooms. 
-Place curtains for door entry ways for rooms not regularly used to keep out heat (summer) and cold (winter). Tension Rods work great for these kid of projects.
-Change your bed sheets to a cotton that will breath 

-Keep a pot/bucket of water in front of your fan it will help cool the room. You can also place them in the hallways etc..
-If it warm but a breeze/wind is present opens windows on opposite sides of your home to cool it down with the crosswinds.
-Set your ceiling fans in the counter clockwise direction
-Indoor small fountain can help cool the air
-Open your windows (if safe) for cool evening air
-Use hand fans found at the dollar tree's or other stores
-Use your umbrellas to keep the sun at bay while out. This used to be very fashionable back in the day.
-Light loose clothing

Historical Ways to Keep Cool
- Wet bed sheet or blanket place on door way and it will help to cool a room
-Wet a sheet or blanket on a windy day and place on your clothes line to cool the immediate area you maybe working in
-Fill a pot or bucket with water and place in a room/hallway to help cool
-If you work outdoors work early morning hours and late evening the coolest times
-Siesta a nap during the warmest time of the day (very common)
-Egyptians would place wet reeds on their windows and pots of water in their hallways to keep cool
-Back in the day fountains performed not only decorative function but a cooling of air. Many large homes/manors would have large fountains on their property to keep cool.
-Rich Romans would have water circulated through pipes in their walls to help cool their homes they would also have snow from the mountains brought to help cool their homes and drinks.
-Wind towers some homes had them to divert air into their homes when the winds picked up.
-Parasols and decorative hand fans served not only high fashion but protection from the sun and relief from the heat.
-Homes were built with deep window alcoves to keep the heat and cold back. Heavy materials/curtains where used to contend with both.
-Front porches and wrap around porches became a popular way to build. This provided shade from the heat and a place for the household to sit during those hot days.

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