Monday, October 19, 2020

Winterize Your Medicine Cabinet

 Have you 'winterized' your medicine cabinet? Experts recommend you keep  certain items handy | WTOP

This is the time to get your medicine cabinet ready for the winter weather and flu season. If you look at your supplies you can make a list of much needed items that are missing. This will vary according to every families needs.

I remember bundling up sick children having high fevers and diarrhea at 1 or 2 am looking for a 24 hour Pharmacy. Throw in a winter storm or other weather event and its a nightmare. You can prevent these kinds of scenarios. By simply planning ahead so you wont have to leave your home when you or someone in your house hold becomes sick. 

Throw in the strains of of job loss, inability to pay bills, inability to get food, or simply trying to keep a roof over your head. All these will take an effect on your health as well. Lowering your immune system. Stay ahead of the game.

Get fresh air, take long/short walks locally, sit in the sun for 15-20 minutes daily (wear sunscreen). Take your medicines and vitamins, exercise (according to your ability), and drink water. 

Here is a list of common items you may need:

Toilet Paper

Pain Relievers: (Adult/Children's) Pills, liquid, and body patches (for targeted areas).

Thermometer: takes temperature 

Face Masks: store bought or homemade


Alcohol: Spray masks after use and let dry between washing (washables only)

Vitamins: Adults and Children

(Multi-Vitamin, C, D)

D is a common vitamin people are low on during the winter months. Due to lack of sun exposure.

Cold/Flu Medicine: Adult and Children (Your choice), Throat Lozenges, Throat Sprays, Vicks Vapo Rub, Humidifier

Stomach Issue': Adult and Children 

(Pepto Bismal etc)

Gatorade for rehydration

anti-diarrhea pills/liquid

Hemorrhoid treatments


First aid kit

Eye Care: your specific needs

Allergy Medicines Adult and Children's:

Benadryl, Allergy (Daily your choice), creams, 

Calamine lotion

DizzinessDramamine etc

Women's: cranberry pills, yeast infection treatments, UTI treatments, pads/tampons/cup, AZO

Oral Hygiene: 

Tooth Brushes, Tooth Paste, Mouth Wash, Floss, Oral Pain reliever (cankers sores etc..). mouth guard's. Peroxide for mouth and toothbrush cleaning

Foot Care: Powders, Cracked Heal treatment, Foot Fungi's sprays, epson salt.

Hand Wash/Soap/Anti-bacterial Gel/Liquid

Other: Ankle Sprain supports, knee leg, arm, hand etc.. Everyone