Friday, July 3, 2020

Growing Food What Worked And What Didn't

I have never had a green thumb. This is all new to me. I'm not sure what kept me from trying before...maybe failure. But how can I experience failure without trying first. So, I stepped up and planted some seeds.

Who knew that Squirrels dig and eat seeds. I didn't but I learned quickly when none of my seeds grew.  One morning looking out my window with a daunted look on my face. What am I doing wrong? 
I watched a fuzzy grey squirrel dig through the soil and eat the remaining seeds he hadn't found. I was dumb founded how could this be dont they eat nuts or something,lol. 

Now, I have answers. I am not a failure but a victim of a cute furry squirrel eating his morning meal. I had to think of a new strategy. After speaking with my husband we decided to get a few plants that just started to grow in starter pots from the stores. This little furry squirrel wasn't going to beat me. My husband chose a few and came home to see if they would survive our new house guest.
Some of them didn't make it with the high heat and but a few did! 

Although, the pictures below are not from my garden if you want to call it that. It's a bit to hot outside for me this morning and dealing with my Hot Flash's they don't go hand in hand (Big Smiles). I promise to share real time pictures soon.

Rosemary: its so fragrant we are using to cook with its wonderful. The plant is doing well. The rosemary tasted so much better than the kind from the store. Fresh picked is amazing! 

Cucumbers: they are just starting to come around. I am happy to see the progress. I will share better pictures later. When I water them by hand their furry prickly skin is uncomfortable when grazed. I try to get to the roots and move the yellow flowered long green leaves that lay sprawling and low to the ground. Although, a short uncomfortable visit for watering they will pay off at our dinner table.

Lastly, our tomatoes they are just coming in and need to moved to a better location. A project for the hubby this weekend (wink wink). Ours are still green but they are a joy to see!

I did print out the schedule for my area for planting times and types that grow the best. I need to make a binder and place it inside for future reference. I hope you all enjoyed your short visit to my new adventures. I'm am far from being a farmer. But I tell ya it feels good!