Thursday, August 30, 2018

Yesterday....time lost or memories created

Yesterday, was a busy day for me. I feel I loose special moments with my children because of the mundane chores. We need to carve out time for our children. They require alot of guidance, love, and support. They enjoy reading times, playing outdoors, creating art, and so much more. Lets take that time for those simple things that seem time consuming and know its a lifetime investment in the character building, memories, and growth of our children.

The picture below you see a mother who stopped to sit outside and play with her child. I often dont slow down enough to capture these moments. They are so fleeting. 

A gentle reminder to savor time with your children, family, and friends.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dollar Tree Diy Projects for the Home

I wanted to share what I created while visiting my sister. I made this Blessed Wreath and Acorn Mirror. It felt great to create and bring home a personalized piece. I will post my video down below if you like to hear all the details of my how to. 

The wire wreath I purchased from the Dollar Tree along with the center picture that says Blessed. This was a picture that I took off the wood backing trimmed then added ribbon detail. The material used around the wreath form was long strips of Muslin fabric that I 
cut then tied into knots. That created a sunburst look. I used hot glue on this project. Lastly, the colorful autumn pick was from Micheals 2 seasons ago that I had not used yet.
This is a mirror from the Dollar Tree (you can use any mirror). I picked up 3 packs of loose acorns from the Dollar Tree. I hot glued the acorns to the frame and to the caps side by side. I love this look!!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Pantry Challenge Prepping Time

Prepping is a serious topic for me. What would you do if
your experienced even on of these events in your life:

1. Loss of Job or job injury that incapacitates you for life
2. Loss of life (main income person)
3. Loss of Savings or Retirement
5. Suffered a weather event (flooding, hurricane, winter storm, tornado, earth quake, volcano eruption (Super Volcano Yellowstone in America).
6. Loss of Medical Insurance (You may have a serious condition that needs treatment and medicine monthly).

These types of events will make you refocus your priorities and expenditures very quickly. My immediate reaction as a homemaker would be take stock of pantry (foods, spices, condiments, drinks, and dry goods), medicines, and other daily supplies we use to figure out how long you can stretch things out to make ends meet with no income etc.. I'm thinking of doing some video's where I will pose these questions and see what your feed back would be. This would be very interesting for all.

Side Note: I just read a good book that is a quick read on
Kindle called Over the River and Through the Woods by Susan Gregory. If you read it let me know what your thoughts are. Another friend on YouTube recommended The Journal by Deborah Moore. I haven't read this one yet it is a series.

My Personal Experience with a Hurricane:
I have been without electricity and water due to a hurricane. I can recall the feeling... it was like I lived in the Flintstones era (big smile). Whatever needed or could be done had to be started at sun light and finished by sundown. There was alot of interaction with one another. That was not the norm in the household. You looked to gardening, books, cards, board games, diaries, sketching, cleaning, organizing, crafting, and singing songs. I recall it was hot with no wind to give us a chance of cooling of during the day. The evening's were the only time for a bit of  fresh air. There was no showering and/or water. So, it wasn't pleasant to say the least. I found myself doing things that I would not normally do because of television, phones, or computers that may have taken up my time. It really opened my eyes to the monopoly played by social media/television/and computers. How much we tune each other out instead of tuning in. Just fruit for thought my friends. 

Pantry Time:
Here are some of Pantry Items I bought and shared on a video (see the video below). Now, these may not be what a typical prep item may look like.  Every little bit helps to extended your food stock and supplies. Each family or person will have different things they may concentrate on for example: if you live in desert you would focus on water first etc... I hope this helps kick start a family into the right direction to love, care, and nurture the ones you love by prepping.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Dollhouse Miniature Room Updates 1:12 scale

My mans room. I made the bed and have a video under my playlist on my You Tube channel. Now, some of the new things I did are:

1. Touched up the mirror edges with a brown marker created from cardboard and Washi Tape and glued the bottom that started to separate a bit
2. Changed the rug from an oriental to a solid light green fabric rement.
3. Made some clothing for the dresser and opened a drawer to peek inside
4. Made a Shade for the window
5. Made a draped curtain treatment 
6. Added the luggage under the window table from Michaels I hauled a few months back.
7. Placed a flower arrangement on the window table ( I removed the boat previuosly show until Hubby cuts the wood down).

                                        Mans Room (Before)
This is the first step to my window treatment I created a type of blind look with lace detail. 
It makes the window look better and the room more warm.

This is the curtain I created for the window. I wanted a large presence and provide coverage for the dark sports on the wallpaper. I wanted to use some of the colors found in the room.
The window Treatment is complete. Now, I will admit I have never made a detailed window treatment before. So for my 1st time I dont think I did too badly. Now, I'm not sure how I am feeling about the green ribbon so I may change this and try to recreate with some of other fabric. Im glad I tried something new.
In this photo you can see the luggage under the table I bought from Michaels. The dresser has a drawer slightly open with clothes I made.