Friday, August 31, 2018

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 22

Today, I wore my black t-shirt, jeans, and blinged out flip flops from Zulily. My jewelry made me feel a whole another level of Fab!! This one of the sets I received from Leslie.This is Paparazzi jewelry.
These earrings are light hematite look with rich emerald green stones.
The bracelet is rocking the same hematite and emerald green stone look.
The ring is from Avon a few years ago. It has scroll work and the cross in gold surrounded by silver.
I'm loving this necklace. Its light weight yet so stylish!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 21

Today is a super simple look. Work out top and pants. Its very hot and humid in Maryland. Im running some errands so this was my go to look. 
I slipped these simple gold earring's with tigers eye stone.
They are light weight and I forget I even have anything on.

Yesterday....time lost or memories created

Yesterday, was a busy day for me. I feel I loose special moments with my children because of the mundane chores. We need to carve out time for our children. They require alot of guidance, love, and support. They enjoy reading times, playing outdoors, creating art, and so much more. Lets take that time for those simple things that seem time consuming and know its a lifetime investment in the character building, memories, and growth of our children.

The picture below you see a mother who stopped to sit outside and play with her child. I often dont slow down enough to capture these moments. They are so fleeting. 

A gentle reminder to savor time with your children, family, and friends.  

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 20

Today, I'm wearing a simple black tank and matching skirt. The weather in Maryland will feel like 100 degrees. I will be staying home and getting a few things done while trying to stay cool.
The necklace is gold link and drop bead. The beqads are animal print, brown, beige and translucent.
The knuckle ring is gold and the stone is multi-color.
I enjoy the different effects on the stone.
The side gallery of the ring is pretty.

Monday, August 27, 2018

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 19

This weekend was a whirl wind. We had movers come to leave 2 pieces of furniture from my mother in-laws estate. They are 2 beautiful antique pieces and one in need minor repairs. We are in a process of purging so they took our old living room set and many other furniture pieces we no longer needed. Then finally all the clutter from the garage as well. I'm still in recovery mode. So, for today I'm wearing easy workout leggings and a purple tee shirt. I popped in some fun jewelry pieces for whimsy. I needed a little pick me up.

The silver Pegasus pendent necklace is from
The chain itself is super sturdy and can with stand a hardy day of chores. The Pegasus has a beautiful rainbow enameling.
My ring is from This particular piece is adjustable gold, faux diamond, and white enameling. Its a piece that is in full motion. I love it. 

Saturday, August 25, 2018

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 18

Today, I'm wearing a Catherine's shirt with 3/4 open sleeve. 
The wonderful design on the shirt allows me to go with out a necklace. The pants are a thrifty find Old Navy stretchy pinstripe blue and white. I'm keeping it simple today. We have a lot happening at the house. I will share that on a video I will do this morning. 

The earrings are from about 2 years ago. They have a copper and detailed cut out. These are light weight and would work well with many other pieces.
The ring is from Avon about 1 year ago. Its a bronze faux turquoise and diamond ring. The details in the gallery are striking and unusual.
When you take a peek at your hand you see beautiful scroll work. Its a charming piece.

Friday, August 24, 2018

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 17

Today, I wore thrift store finds. The pants are Just My Size pin strip pant that I rolled up for a lighter summer look. My next piece is a Avenue black cotton top with crochet cotton detail with float bell sleeve.

The earrings are round gold and black stone. The cut work and lightness is perfection. They are from a few seasons ago.
This large gold statement piece ring is also from from a few seasons ago. I love the open detail.
Lastly, the necklace from a thrift store many moons ago. Its gold and black stone look is always in style.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 16

Good Day my friends. Today, I'm wearing a black laser cut long drape vest from Catherine's (clearance). My red cotton shirt is from Dollar Tree. Lastly, my black and white rose checkered leggings are from Torrid (clearance). I enjoy building my wardrobe with thrifty finds and clearance items. This allows me to expand my fashion choices on a budget. 
The round silver earrings have a black stone. These are very pretty with alot of cut out detail.
This is a Catherine's silver long chain with reversible pendent another clearance find. 

Lastly, this large dome faceted black stone ring.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 15

Today, I wore a slinky black sleeveless dress. Then I slipped on a form fitting Rainbow shirt with tiger theme. The shirt has black netting on the shoulders and roses on the side.
The earrings are a light weight bronze drop with round beaded circle details.
The ring is silver with a cool tiger theme. Its covered in faux diamonds scattered black stones and touches of black enemal. Lastly, this tiger has green eyes.. my favorite color. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dollar Tree Diy Projects for the Home

I wanted to share what I created while visiting my sister. I made this Blessed Wreath and Acorn Mirror. It felt great to create and bring home a personalized piece. I will post my video down below if you like to hear all the details of my how to. 

The wire wreath I purchased from the Dollar Tree along with the center picture that says Blessed. This was a picture that I took off the wood backing trimmed then added ribbon detail. The material used around the wreath form was long strips of Muslin fabric that I 
cut then tied into knots. That created a sunburst look. I used hot glue on this project. Lastly, the colorful autumn pick was from Micheals 2 seasons ago that I had not used yet.
This is a mirror from the Dollar Tree (you can use any mirror). I picked up 3 packs of loose acorns from the Dollar Tree. I hot glued the acorns to the frame and to the caps side by side. I love this look!!

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 14

Today, is a rainy day in Maryland. I wanted some color to brighten up my mood. I grabbed my Ross Maxi strapless floral dress in these soft colors of pink, cream, mustard, and taupe's. I paired the dress with a cotton 3/4 sleeve black jacket with shear shoulder detail that has been a staple piece in my closet for a very long time.
The earring is a long light weight gold and black enamel piece. 
The necklace is a great chunky bead necklace (plastic) the colors are black and smokey topaz. A nice statement piece.
This is a photo of the black jacket and the sheer shoulder detail. 

Monday, August 20, 2018

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 13

Today, I am wearing thrift store finds. My brown leggings lend themselves wonderfully to the easy at home look. The top is chocolate brown with gold front detail. They are providing the comfort to do chores but doing it in style.

The earring's are a trio color dangle detailed with beaded metal look. These are light weight and go with so many looks.
This bracelet I made with my sister. My sister got the beads from Walmart.
My ring is from a gold heart with faux diamonds.
I found this treasure last year.
I wanted to show you the details on the shirt.

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 12

This was a crazy Sunday I did a video showing my easy look. I wore Danskin leggings with inspirational saying on the bottom leg.
My black cotton top was from the Dollar Tree $1.00. I will post the video below. I unfortunately didn't have time to take close up photos. Sorry ladies. It was just one of those days. 

The pieces I wore where all from

Saturday, August 18, 2018

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 11

Today, I chose to wear a bright coral Avon too with knotted open sleeve. The Lane Bryant bell bottom jeans are a thrift store find that I had tucked away and pulled out for this look. I was able to rock this outfit with my Torrid platform shoes I  bought a few years ago. It gave me the height I needed not to swim in these jeans since I'm 5'4. If you like to see the whole look see the video below.

The gold and coral stone necklace I bought a few years ago from Charming Charlie on clearance. Its a beautiful statement piece that would look great on a black, navy, or beige/brown family clothing options.

The gold leaf enamel ring with faux diamonds is from I bought it last year. It spans 2 fingers and love the look and vibrant colors.

The gold twisted bangle that is easy to wear and light weight. 
Lastly, you can never go wrong with a classic faux diamond earrings they are always in style.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Pantry Challenge Prepping Time

Prepping is a serious topic for me. What would you do if
your experienced even on of these events in your life:

1. Loss of Job or job injury that incapacitates you for life
2. Loss of life (main income person)
3. Loss of Savings or Retirement
5. Suffered a weather event (flooding, hurricane, winter storm, tornado, earth quake, volcano eruption (Super Volcano Yellowstone in America).
6. Loss of Medical Insurance (You may have a serious condition that needs treatment and medicine monthly).

These types of events will make you refocus your priorities and expenditures very quickly. My immediate reaction as a homemaker would be take stock of pantry (foods, spices, condiments, drinks, and dry goods), medicines, and other daily supplies we use to figure out how long you can stretch things out to make ends meet with no income etc.. I'm thinking of doing some video's where I will pose these questions and see what your feed back would be. This would be very interesting for all.

Side Note: I just read a good book that is a quick read on
Kindle called Over the River and Through the Woods by Susan Gregory. If you read it let me know what your thoughts are. Another friend on YouTube recommended The Journal by Deborah Moore. I haven't read this one yet it is a series.

My Personal Experience with a Hurricane:
I have been without electricity and water due to a hurricane. I can recall the feeling... it was like I lived in the Flintstones era (big smile). Whatever needed or could be done had to be started at sun light and finished by sundown. There was alot of interaction with one another. That was not the norm in the household. You looked to gardening, books, cards, board games, diaries, sketching, cleaning, organizing, crafting, and singing songs. I recall it was hot with no wind to give us a chance of cooling of during the day. The evening's were the only time for a bit of  fresh air. There was no showering and/or water. So, it wasn't pleasant to say the least. I found myself doing things that I would not normally do because of television, phones, or computers that may have taken up my time. It really opened my eyes to the monopoly played by social media/television/and computers. How much we tune each other out instead of tuning in. Just fruit for thought my friends. 

Pantry Time:
Here are some of Pantry Items I bought and shared on a video (see the video below). Now, these may not be what a typical prep item may look like.  Every little bit helps to extended your food stock and supplies. Each family or person will have different things they may concentrate on for example: if you live in desert you would focus on water first etc... I hope this helps kick start a family into the right direction to love, care, and nurture the ones you love by prepping.

1 Year Jewelry Challenge Day 10

Today, I chose a simple on the go look. I went for my Torrid black leggings that are stretchy and comfortable. To give my self a modest look yet summer fun I went for this Torrid black and white ruffled sleeve blouse (see video below).

The earrings I am wearing today are from they are gold long black stone and chain detailed with lenght that sways as you walk.
The ring is a large dome type ring with white stone and faux diamonds that have a tribal feel to them.