Sunday, August 12, 2018

Dollhouse Miniature Room Updates 1:12 scale

My mans room. I made the bed and have a video under my playlist on my You Tube channel. Now, some of the new things I did are:

1. Touched up the mirror edges with a brown marker created from cardboard and Washi Tape and glued the bottom that started to separate a bit
2. Changed the rug from an oriental to a solid light green fabric rement.
3. Made some clothing for the dresser and opened a drawer to peek inside
4. Made a Shade for the window
5. Made a draped curtain treatment 
6. Added the luggage under the window table from Michaels I hauled a few months back.
7. Placed a flower arrangement on the window table ( I removed the boat previuosly show until Hubby cuts the wood down).

                                        Mans Room (Before)
This is the first step to my window treatment I created a type of blind look with lace detail. 
It makes the window look better and the room more warm.

This is the curtain I created for the window. I wanted a large presence and provide coverage for the dark sports on the wallpaper. I wanted to use some of the colors found in the room.
The window Treatment is complete. Now, I will admit I have never made a detailed window treatment before. So for my 1st time I dont think I did too badly. Now, I'm not sure how I am feeling about the green ribbon so I may change this and try to recreate with some of other fabric. Im glad I tried something new.
In this photo you can see the luggage under the table I bought from Michaels. The dresser has a drawer slightly open with clothes I made.

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