Sunday, September 8, 2019

Prepping with Keystone Canned Beef and Ground Beef Review

Hello friends, 

I wanted to share a bit of my prepping efforts. I invested in 20 cans Keystone Beef 28 oz. These cans are over 1lb 8oz each. Keystone is a U.S.A. company. The meat is cooked during the canning process. So, all you have to do is heat, season to taste, and serve. This is perfect for those unable or not interested learning how to can. I will post my Keystone Ground Beef review below: please note the Keystone Ground Beef is a finer smaller portioned meat verse the Keystone Beef I just bought 20 cans of...
Perks for the Ground Beef:    
1. Its a fine ground beef small portions good for spaghetti sauce, fajitas, rice bowls etc..
  2. Great for those with dental issues and can not chew large pieces of meat. 

I chose to purchase the Beef because its has a bigger bite to it. I do plan on adding the ground beef to my pantry as well. Look below to see the video for the Ground Beef. Remember friends there is no wrong or right way to prep. Every person and family is different. The important thing is to Start! The average family has 2 or 3 days of food in their pantry. We need to get back to basics as our ancestors did and have a full pantry to get them by for months.

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