Friday, September 13, 2019

Home Weekly Wrap Up

Hello Friends, 

Thanks for coming by to visit. This week has been an interesting one indeed. The children came home sick with colds and passed it lovingly to the rest of the family. We have been struggling with this most the week. Many months ago I bought several Mucinex Children's Multi-system Cold/Flu Releif Night Time from the Dollar Tree. I knew it was inevitable that we would get sick through out the school year and I was right. These were a part of my Prepping efforts and it paid off. So, far we have used 3 bottles that go for $12.93 each online Walmart. I paid $1.00 each saving $35.79. I also picked up several Adult Mucinex they had available. We are well stocked and it was a Blessing.
This week I plan to transfer some of my cereal into long term food storage. I went online and bought some 5 mil 1 Gallon Mylar Bags that came with the oxygen absorber's. I always look for 5 mil it has a nice thickness. I will either use my food saver on the heat sealing mode or a flat iron to seal them. So, that will be an all day activity. My family will thank me later when times get tight (economically). We will still have their favorite cereals on hand.

 I have many glass jars that I have kept from pasta sauces, jelly jars, etc. I need to decide if I will use dried beans (several kinds), corn, rice, or pasta's in them. I also want to transfer some spices into smaller Ball Jars for longer term storage
Lastly, I will continue to work on my immediate and long term food storage re-organization. I will make a list of items I feel we need re-stock or I have completely used up. 

My Craft Room still awaits patiently for me and I have many idea's of things I want to create. 

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