Thursday, October 10, 2019

California Rolling Black Out and Lessons Learned

Good Morning Friends,

California is experiencing Rolling Black Outs. They are experiencing extreme dry weather with winds that can cause fires. To contain the possibility of fire they are shutting down electricity to the mass's any where from 24 hours to 5 days or more.

This is a Prepper's time to find out what works in your preps and supplies. What doesn't and what you may need that you didn't even think about.

Non-Prepper's this is a time of awakening. Many are upset, taken aback, and confused how to even start to get everything they need. For those with medical conditions this is a very serious situation.
They maybe on machines that require electricity or medicine requiring refrigeration etc.

Generators may become a priceless commodity that can keep much needed machinery for medical survival or daily needs. Having enough gas to run them as well is extremely important.

I wrote an article how to keep cool during the old days some of these techniques may assist. Here is a link to my article:

I also wrote an article of canned food verse dry this may help to guide you on whats best for a rolling black out:

If you have a generator make sure you have enough gas and use it wisely. When its turned on make sure to heat up any food you may need or water via hot plate, griddle, microwave etc..
Chain up your generator to something outside to make it difficult for thieves.

Rolling Black Out Short List Warm Weather: (note: cold weather is a different list)
Camper Stove, Grill, or other Camping style Stove
Fuel needed for these devices: propane, wood, charcoal
Do Not Leave portable Camper/Camping Stoves out for thieves after cool down bring them back inside for safe storage till next use.

Food quick easy no muss foods:
Water, Pre-packaged Drinks, Protein Drinks/Meal Replacement, Protein Bars, Fruit Bars, Granola Bars, Dry Cereal, Breads, Nuts, Popcorn (Pre-popped), Canned Chicken/Tuna Salad with Crackers kit, Canned Sardines, Snacks, Crackers, Peanut Butter, MRE's, Vitamins/Supplements, and Canned Fruit.

Quick meals that require no water just heating:
90 Second micro-wave items are pre-cooked just head and eat (Hormel Meals,/Rice/Pasta)
Canned foods like Chef Boyardee (other pastes canned), Soups (many kinds), Beans, Spam, Canned
Chicken/Beef, Quick Oatmeal etc.

Alternative lighting: LED products, Oil lamps, Flash Lights, Lanterns, Candles only when supervised. Light sticks for children to ease the transition and fears.

Water: to drink, flush toilets (if needed), cook, to hand wash clothes and line dry.

Keeping busy: Read, clean, organize, talk to one another, work on your hobby. Go through your home for donations, check up on neighbors, let everyone know you are there. Relocate your valuables to places not normally searched for.

Vehicles: remove all valuables from vehicles

Security: if you are un-armed make sure your neighbors know you are there. Set up a neighborhood watch to keep an eye out for predators. Leave a LED lantern/light on to let people know the home is occupied not empty. Halloween time is now you can find flashing lights/strobe that will let people know your are there and maybe watching TV. Keep doors/windows in lowers units locked. Place Christmas bells or other noise making devices on the doors or windows in case of a break in. Even pots and pans if they kick a door in will provide sound. Have whistles on all members of the family if there is trouble in the dark or day they can blow the whistle as an alert. Do not open Doors to strangers they may try to assault/rob/steal. This is a criminals paradise when grid down/rolling black outs.

Lastly, have a to-go bag/bucket with all documents/emergency supplies for 3-5 days in case of emergency evacuation. Take valuables if possible gold/silver/jewelry/coins.

This by all means does not cover everything but its a quick check off list for anyone who hasn't started prepping.

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