Thursday, October 31, 2019

First 10 Things You Would Do If the Banks Closed

This morning Alaska Prepper (Youtube) posted an excellent question. What would you do if you woke up and found out the Banks are closed and you cannot get any money out. The stock market collapsed. What are the first things you would do to prepare. Mind you that the 1st day people will be going through the motions trying to figure things out. By the 3rd day people will panic and will become more aggressive when their needs cannot be met.  Here is my list. I cheated a bit and did 11. 
1. Gather all money and change 2. Fill up gas tank/Propane also heavy chain for generator 3. Buy Food/medicine/water/paper goods 4.Buy black bags/wrap & window plastic insulator kits to keep out cold/door insulation. The black bags are black out curtains for windows (if needed). 5. Call family to make sure everyone is on same page and buying goods in case we need to bunker down as individual families or together. 6. Buy more ammo 7. Transfer foods into Mylar/Food Saver bags that are not immediately needed 8.Wash clothes, blankets, sheets, and coats in case of power/water outage. 9. Get important papers/docs into 1 place along with 1 week supply food/water/clothes/blankets etc for car in case of evacuation out of necessity or danger. 10. Set Up Bells/Pots Pans and other items on windows or in front of doors to hear intruders. 11. Look at your home/supplies see what else you need. Never Shop Alone have 2 or more people in case folks begin to rob/steal goods.

List down in the comments the 10 things you would do.

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