Thursday, December 12, 2019

Major Trucking Companies Going out of Business and it's Effects on You

Yesterday, I read a Yahoo article about Major Trucking Companies closing down. Here is a link to the article"  

Alot of people don't understand the gravity of the situation. Let me shed some light. These truckers carry goods to our stores, warehouses, farms, trains, gas stations, and importers/exporters etc... There is a big event coming around the corner. If you take the time to see what products and goods are no longer readily being transported. It sheds a light to supply and demand. Alot of people don't think about how products like food get to the stores. There a chain of events that takes place for that to happen. Part of that chain is broken now with so many companies closing their doors and independent drivers unable to secure routes/deliveries. 

It also emphasizes on the farmers crop loss. The truckers carried hay/feed/propane to the farmers. The propane helped dry what little crops they had. The lack of propane leaves crops wet allowing it to go bad. The feed/hay for the animals that survived the floods. They have not been able to grow their own feed or harvest hay for animals. Some farmers have culled their animals no longer being able to feed them. These animals cows, pigs, chickens supplied meat/eggs to our stores. Think about it....

The other goods no longer being run on the regular to our stores like gas, food, clothing, medicine, shoes, housewares, blankets, etc.. There may come a day your area will see the effects. We truly never think of the items we need till they are no longer available to us. If a Snowstorm or weather event like a Hurricane/Tornado are predicated there is a store run and shelves are empty within hours. Gas station tanks are empty. Now add the truckers that normally ran these products to replenish stock are no longer running regularly. 
Gas stations with empty tanks. This could effect your ability to get to work, home, stores, doctors appointments or evacuations. 

Let me ask you a question. Have you visited a store that normally is fully stocked at all times and now find half empty shelves or lack of product. I have watched Walmart Employees talking to one another about something coming around the bend and how they are preparing for it. They spoke of lack of inventory or fourth coming supplies to their Walmart and surrounding Walmart's. I am in a Suburban area that is vastly populated. This would take a serious toll on the families that keep only a few days of food/supplies on their shelves. 

Its time to take stock of your pantry and make a list of things needed. Slowly add the additional foods and supplies your family normally uses. Have a goal for 2 weeks worth of food and water in your home and work up from there. Securing your home for tough days ahead. You will thank yourself later for your efforts.

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