Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Hello Friends I know it's been a while. Covid-19 along with all the new rules, school, store, business closures have taken a toll on me and my new norm. I feel a bit more balanced now. I want to  reach out to all of you about the Food Shortages not only here in the USA but around the world. Our economy is on the brink of collapse. We will be looking at a Great Depression and Hyper Inflation. Where normal food and product may become so expensive we will not be able to afford it. Prep your homes and pantries now!!! While product and prices are still attainable.  

When we first found out there was going to be a stay at home order there was a run on all food stores. Shelves where cleared of many staples. Here is a list of items that where difficult to find in my area and continue to be for certain items:

Toilet Paper
Facial Tissue
Hand Sanitizer
Lysol or Clorox Wipes
Disinfectant Spray
Rubbing Alcohol 90%
Aloe Vera
Face Mask's
Large/Small Bags of Rice
Large/Small Bags of Dried Beans
Canned Goods
Pasta (varies kinds)
Bottled Water
Emergency Freeze Dried Foods
Medicine various kinds
Prescription Drugs (most main components come from China)
Meat (Shortage Current)

Does your list have something different? Please share down below.
All these where items that I had great difficulty in obtaining even prior to all the business shutting down except for Essential Stores. 
Although, shopping is difficult with limits at almost every store some varying from 2/4 of each item or just 1. Currently, we are facing a shortage for meat and its by products like milk/eggs/butter.  

I encourage you all to make a list of items/food your pantry needs and keep it with you for easy reference when shopping. Build up your food supply have several weeks to months worth of goods. You see how quickly things can change from having a job and being able to live a normal life. To the complete opposite trying to figure out how to get food, pay bills, keep your home/apt/rental.
How to keep the heat, ac, lights on! This is just a glimpse of things to come. 


  1. Again thanks for your tips and sharing (your gal Divinity)

  2. Vitamins and probiotics. The probiotics are for when you are eating foods you dont normally eat. It may upset your stomach. Boxed mixes are a good one but do not last very long. Dont forget cold and flue season is coming in Sept. They said it(the virus) is coming back in the fall so I would look for it to be here then. If they say it is happening then you bet it will be here. Good luck everyone.

  3. Thanks for the info. I also live in Southern MD and had difficulty finding dish soap and soap for the dishwasher, paper plates, napkins and paper towels. Although not all necessities, they are still items my family is used to having on hand or easily accessible.

  4. Great list Ana. Thanks for sharing. @KatsLivnLarge