Monday, December 27, 2021

Great Depression Era Grocery List and Prepper Pantry


The Great Depression Grocery List (see below). I  wanted to include the reality of Rations and Victory Gardens as well. For families this meant cooking from scratch. Alot of the ingredient's used were grown, canned, preserved, dried, bartered, and bought (with limits).

Self sufficiency was a necessity. Many grew Victory Gardens.

These gardens would carry families through the year. Their efforts to grow vegetables, fruit, and herbs would allow them to preserve fruit/vegetables (canned or dried), and add herbs to their meals. Any surplus was never wasted. Bartering among neighbors after having a successful Victory Garden Harvest was common. 

Here is the Great Depression Era Grocery List:

Rice: this stretched out alot of meals from pasta, meat loafs and everything in between.

Beans/Legumes: used a bulk for meals and to stretch them with larger families


Peanut Butter & Jelly


Mayonnaise: used in many odd recipes and sandwiches during that time

Macaroni and Cheese/Pasta: Surprisingly Macaroni and Cheese became very popular for a advertised 9 minute meal to feed a family of four. It sold for 19 cents a box.

Powdered Milk 

Cured Meats Spam/Hot Dogs: I must expand on this one.

Hot Dogs were a common street food and bought for only a nickel/5 cents. This was promoted for as alternative to meats that were difficult to obtain for meals. 


Canned Vegetables

Flour: biscuits/cakes/bread (no egg or milk cakes)

they had to be very creative. Since eggs and milk were rationed.

Corn Meal

Dried Fruits

Baking Powder/Yeast: place yeast in refrigerator it will last longer. They made biscuits/breads/and bread crumbs. Breads used in meals and stretched meat loafs. 



Lard: nothing was wasted from cooking this included lard from meals to be used again.


Spices and Salt

Preservation: drying herbs, homemade jellies, homemade jerky, salad dressing, dried fruits, mayonnaise and more.                        

This is a line for Sugar Rations. Could you imagine the hours spent standing in line just to get your ration and hope they don't run out before your turn. 

Other Rationed Items:

Sugar      Coffee     Butter      Fish       Eggs   

Canned Goods       Cheese     Shoes    Rubber 

Gasoline     Tea

Many people see similarities to what is happening now with food shortages, limitations on food and products and price increases. We should all take a active stance and look at our pantry's. See what maybe missing that can carry our families during these uncertain times. Get those shelves stocked up.

Monday, December 6, 2021

Doll House Miniature Kitchen Foods & My 1st Dollhouse That Started My Life Long Hobby


The simple joys of Doll House Miniatures. It's a never ending journey for me. It all began at the ripe age of 16 when I bought my 1st Doll House from Ben Franklins Nursey. They had a section just for Doll House Miniatures. A man that worked there would take kits home build them and put them on display. This particular day I remember going there because they had a clearance sale for the entire section. The company was no longer carrying Doll House's, furniture or accessories anymore. I worked and had money that I had saved. I saw a Doll House that the man had built and was on display. They never were for sale. This day everything had to go. I pulled a shopping cart and placed it on top. Of course it didn't fit inside. The Farm House was big it held 8 rooms. I made it to the register and teetered tottered towards my car did I forget to mention it was a 2 door,lol. Well I tried and tried to make it fit to no avail. I ended up calling a friend with a SUV and waiting patiently with my new Doll House as other people smiled and pitied my feeble attempt to make it fit. Once it made it home I found a table to set it on and that's where my life long love with the Doll House Miniature Hobby began. The video below is a sneak peak into my very 1st Doll House. I haven't done much to it. Since the earlier days. Almost like a time capsule of sorts. I promised myself to one day truly begin the journey to update, decorate, and display my true favorite Doll House.  

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Homemakers New Financial Challenges In The Kitchen And Home


  As the picture depicts a frazzled homemaker. All around the world this is a common theme now. We are struggling to make ends meet. The demands feel heavier than normal with less options for relief. After home schooling our children for a year in the state of Maryland with Covid shutdowns. I found myself with little in ways of escape. Limited mobility and rules. Now 1 year later the children are back in school. 

Now we are faced with new challenges of limited availability of goods that includes everything from food, clothing, appliances, car repair parts, home repair parts and the list goes on and on. 

  As I sit here at my dining room table I've opened my windows to let my home breath its a 46 degree's and it feel wonderful. I hear a bird singing and it brings a smile to my face. At the same time a show on the TV that my son is watching. He is staying home with tummy troubles. My husband rummaging around upstairs getting ready for work.

 What is my point this fine morning. I feel like a frazzled homemaker today.  I'm thinking of possible meals to make. You may be thinking I am sitting with a planner/notebook of some kind diligently writing a strategic meal plan. Let's keep it real I don't really meal plan. I just don't have it in me. Never been the planner type person. More of a free spirit and that's okay. 

Our Big Challenge is Food Prices are Rising! As I type and even breath they rise. What I used to pay for example Vienna Sausages 6 pack $2.49 now are $3.47 at the Walmart. It's crazy leaving me and most families with less options. The odds are stacked against us. Honestly, the prices will only continue to rise and rise. They will not go back down. We as homemakers will be spread thin. Many families are already struggling with food security. 

Now, let's keep it real. Alot of people don't cook now a days and head straight to fast food with the best meal deal. I'm soo Guilty,lol They feel this is a time saver although costly and free's them up to do other things. The honest truth is the cost for a meal deal would equate to several meals from the grocery store. So, families need to get back to the basics. Cooking at home and learning to use left overs in creative ways so nothings goes to waste. Getting back to basics. This will be a up hill battle for many but it will happen my friends. We have no choice. Encourage those around to cook. Share your knowledge with your families, friends, and groups. It will be indispensable information that can be carried on from generation to generation.