Monday, December 6, 2021

Doll House Miniature Kitchen Foods & My 1st Dollhouse That Started My Life Long Hobby


The simple joys of Doll House Miniatures. It's a never ending journey for me. It all began at the ripe age of 16 when I bought my 1st Doll House from Ben Franklins Nursey. They had a section just for Doll House Miniatures. A man that worked there would take kits home build them and put them on display. This particular day I remember going there because they had a clearance sale for the entire section. The company was no longer carrying Doll House's, furniture or accessories anymore. I worked and had money that I had saved. I saw a Doll House that the man had built and was on display. They never were for sale. This day everything had to go. I pulled a shopping cart and placed it on top. Of course it didn't fit inside. The Farm House was big it held 8 rooms. I made it to the register and teetered tottered towards my car did I forget to mention it was a 2 door,lol. Well I tried and tried to make it fit to no avail. I ended up calling a friend with a SUV and waiting patiently with my new Doll House as other people smiled and pitied my feeble attempt to make it fit. Once it made it home I found a table to set it on and that's where my life long love with the Doll House Miniature Hobby began. The video below is a sneak peak into my very 1st Doll House. I haven't done much to it. Since the earlier days. Almost like a time capsule of sorts. I promised myself to one day truly begin the journey to update, decorate, and display my true favorite Doll House.  

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  1. I was thinking about your mess with the storage shed. Maybe you could find some metal cabinets to store food in, or file cabinets, or old refrigerators. Hope these ideas help