Thursday, December 2, 2021

Homemakers New Financial Challenges In The Kitchen And Home


  As the picture depicts a frazzled homemaker. All around the world this is a common theme now. We are struggling to make ends meet. The demands feel heavier than normal with less options for relief. After home schooling our children for a year in the state of Maryland with Covid shutdowns. I found myself with little in ways of escape. Limited mobility and rules. Now 1 year later the children are back in school. 

Now we are faced with new challenges of limited availability of goods that includes everything from food, clothing, appliances, car repair parts, home repair parts and the list goes on and on. 

  As I sit here at my dining room table I've opened my windows to let my home breath its a 46 degree's and it feel wonderful. I hear a bird singing and it brings a smile to my face. At the same time a show on the TV that my son is watching. He is staying home with tummy troubles. My husband rummaging around upstairs getting ready for work.

 What is my point this fine morning. I feel like a frazzled homemaker today.  I'm thinking of possible meals to make. You may be thinking I am sitting with a planner/notebook of some kind diligently writing a strategic meal plan. Let's keep it real I don't really meal plan. I just don't have it in me. Never been the planner type person. More of a free spirit and that's okay. 

Our Big Challenge is Food Prices are Rising! As I type and even breath they rise. What I used to pay for example Vienna Sausages 6 pack $2.49 now are $3.47 at the Walmart. It's crazy leaving me and most families with less options. The odds are stacked against us. Honestly, the prices will only continue to rise and rise. They will not go back down. We as homemakers will be spread thin. Many families are already struggling with food security. 

Now, let's keep it real. Alot of people don't cook now a days and head straight to fast food with the best meal deal. I'm soo Guilty,lol They feel this is a time saver although costly and free's them up to do other things. The honest truth is the cost for a meal deal would equate to several meals from the grocery store. So, families need to get back to the basics. Cooking at home and learning to use left overs in creative ways so nothings goes to waste. Getting back to basics. This will be a up hill battle for many but it will happen my friends. We have no choice. Encourage those around to cook. Share your knowledge with your families, friends, and groups. It will be indispensable information that can be carried on from generation to generation. 

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