Sunday, July 8, 2018

Dollhouse Miniature Diy Screen Door from Cardboard

I enjoy using the trash to treasure method.Where ever I go I look at things with the eyes of a miniaturist.  Grabbing a piece of cardboard and making it into something miniature is very gratifying. This door can be made many different ways from any era or time. It's up to you and your project at hand. I may even attempt to make the missing front doors to my latest Dollhouse. I will list the video's below for the cardboard screen door Diy for your viewing pleasure. I am creating a Shabby Chic Porch Scene that I will be sharing with you as I go. This project may take several months depending on how kind time is with me.

I propped the door inside the kitchen of my newest dollhouse so you can have an idea of the look. The color does not match the trim because the door is for another project. The door looks like it is bowed because its not attached rather leaning. If it was attached it would have looked a bit better.

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