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Re-ment Detective Room Box Kit Dollhouse Miniature 1:12 scale

I am sharing 2 videos for your viewing pleasure. The one above is the unboxing of the kit in it's entirety. The second (below) is the complete scene of the detective room with a bonus girl's room. I am providing my Amazon affiliate link if you like to buy it for yourself:

As you will see I was delighted with the kit and all the interesting pieces that were included. Many of the pieces are items that would be difficult to find in the dollhouse miniature community. So, to find it all in one kit was great. Enjoy my friends.

Natural Disasters Are Rampant Around The World Today New York City


This has become a common place threat to New York City.

As people forge through sewage infested waters to get to safety.

Public rail system gets doused with water seeping through it's weak infrastructure. 

Vehicles swamped in water and the loss's through insurance. Vehicles considered total loss and salvaged. These vehicles will then be run through many states till the title becomes clear. The cars are detailed and sold as used. The homes, town homes, apartments, and sub-level units completely flooded with all worldly belongings gone. 
People having to be rescued from vehicles and homes due to these sudden floods. The devastation is terrible. Videos on social media like X (formerly know as Tik Tok), Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

A Homemakers Letter's

 July 12, 2023

Dear Patience, 

It's been a long time since I have written my friend. I pray that all is well with you and the family. The time has past quickly these 2 months. The weather has taken a toll on my spirits sadly. I feel as if there is no escaping this humid heat.  I've been lingering at home not leaving much to town  visiting friends nor family. My husband and I read the paper last evening and much is happening that is worrisome. We both see on the horizon many changes that will affect everyone from the farmer to the buyer. I used to look forward to seeing the postal man come. But with the high prices of debt I leave our mail for several days before venturing into the heat to retrieve it. I know that is silly but it gives me a short reprieve. The flowers I spoke of before have finally found their home. The front of the estate is lively once again. It is joyous to see natures wonder at bay. As to my sewing project the pillow cases are waiting patiently for the right lace to match. The recipe you sent of Amber Pudding was delightful. I look forward to your next letter. Your Friend Ana


• A pot of marmalade (preferably Mrs Warwick's) • 6oz (170g) suet • 4oz (115g) fresh breadcrumbs • 3 eggs METHOD 1. Grease a pudding basin or mould with butter and set aside. 2. Lightly beat your eggs in a bowl. 3. Add the suet, breadcrumbs and marmalade, mixing well. 4. Pour mixture into the greased basin and top with folded paper and a wet, floured cloth. 5. Boil on a rolling boil for 3 or 4 hours. 6. Turn out onto a plate and serve with a wine sauce, cream or custard.

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You Tube Secret Giveaway Winner's!


Thank you all who came to visit my channel and participated in the Giveaway. If your a winner please leave me a comment with your name and mailing address on my video (link below). Please know your information will remain private all comments have to be approved by me before they are released to the world. This will verify it's you and your information. I will delete it after I write it down and it will never be released to the community/world no worries. Thank you again!

Drum Roll Please.....

The Winner's are 1. Jessamyn Sheridan 

                             2. Betty Sears

Congratulations go to this video

and leave a comment with your name/mailing address. I will write it down and delete it.


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Real Facts Dry Foods vs Canned in a Emergency


Real Facts Dry Foods vs Canned in a Emergency

Dry Goods vs Canned Friend or Foe

When looking at emergency situations and events there are several things to consider. This is are-post as we see more food shortages, inflation/recession and possible Depression in the future.

 #1 You need Water!!!!! You cannot survive without water.
Now, that water is out of the way. Lets dive in.

                                         Dry Goods
-They can last a long time if properly stored                    
-They can give you energy and nutrition you will need                  
-You can store alot without to much for spoilage
-You can buy them now at a reasonable price.  
-You can trade for other goods              
-You need water hydrate 
-They need time to hydrate
-They need time to cook
-They may need Spices
-You will use more of your cooking heat source to cook
wood,propane, or gas
-You may suffer food fatigue 
-You can't eat it raw

                                      Canned Goods

Cons: Canned goods have a shorter life span compared to dry goods. If not used within a reasonable amount of time they can be comprised (look below Can Safety). You need a can opener.

 Most canned goods need no water. If your stressed out and can't get yourself together. Canned goods will be your friend. They can provide a quick way to eat and not use alot of your heat sources. Some canned foods can be consumed with no heat. Canned goods provide a different flavors that may help in a high stress situation and provide a form or normalcy. 

Having a variety of canned goods is important. Now, remember canned goods with high acidity have a shorter shelf life (tomato sauce, canned fruits, pasta sauces).

You will need to consider your families likes and needs. We have canned soups (various), beans, chicken, spam, corned beef hash etc.. 
I like to have foods that are pre-seasoned (canned) so that's less step to think about. 

                                          Can Food Safety!
All cans have a best by date here in the USA. These are a date provided by the food manufacturer to guarantee taste and nutritional value. Canned foods last well past their best by dates. I have consumed canned goods 2 years past the best by date. They were just fine. Remember to rotate your supply of food using the oldest first.

If your can is Bulging               Throw it Away!
If your can doesn't sit evenly   Throw it Away!
If your can is rusting                Throw it Away!
If the can is leaking                  Throw it Away!
If the air tight seal is gone        Throw it Away!

If your can has none of these possible issues open it look at it and smell it does it pass your visual, smell and taste test. Then your good to go.

Tip: in a Emergency situation use and keep all fluids that maybe normally drained from your cans to use for preparation of meals to lesson the use of your limited water.

My Personal Opinion: I feel its important to have both dry and canned goods as they both serve a purpose in different situations and life needs.

Friday, May 19, 2023

New U.S. Food Shortage List


It's been a while since I wrote here on my Blog. Many events have taken place that has prompted me to jump back in. There are shortages currently that have me concerned. I will only mention a few here but the list is long if you take a deep dive to research.

1. Wheat: Wheat is milled into flour which is then used to make a wide range of foods including bread, crumpets, muffins, noodles, pasta, biscuits, cakes, pastries, cereal bars, sweet and savory snack foods, crackers, crisp-breads, sauces and confectionery. The list goes on and on. 

The wheat harvest in the U.S.A was lack luster at best and only 27% of it was classified as human grade (consumption).  This worried me as a mother and wife of a family of 9. I remember clearly during Covid the inability to find many staples which included flour, sugar and pasta. These simple pantry staples which we may reach for often. 

News/Media here is the U.S.A keep us blind to many of the important things that keep our households running smoothly. While other countries alert their citizens of shortages and provide instruction on preparedness. 

Our's does not...they keep us in the dark and we all have to scramble to make ends meet. 

2. Sugar: reports from around the world are sharing there is a Sugar Shortage and Scarcity. I know I use sugar to make bread, bake, cook, and drinks. 

I recommend to have figure out your monthly usage. Then begin to buy large bags to store away safely for later use. Sugar needs only to be stored in a tight container/food grade bucket in a cool dark dry place. Do not use oxygen absorbers with sugar as it will turn it to a brick. 

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Continued Nuclear Threats From Russia How to Survive.. What To Do ..How To Prepare

This is an excellent article I read: How To Survive A Nuclear War After A Bomb Is Dropped: What To Do & How To Prepare 

By: Aria Bendix,Morgan McFall-Johnsen,Adam Barnes           

to see the complete article please visit: Business Insider: and shared on originally written March 2022

Here are some important take aways from the article linked above note (this is not my work) to see the complete article see links above. 

What to do after a nuclear attack

The minutes to hours after a nuclear blast are a critical window. The potential for radiation exposure decreases 55% an hour after an explosion and 80% after 24 hours, according to the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

Immediate actions during those first few hours, like covering your eyes or hunkering down in an indoor shelter, could mitigate your risk of death or serious injury. Here's how to protect yourself in a worst-case scenario.

First 30 minutes: Avert your eyes and shield your face 

A fan shields their eyes during sunset at Glastonbury Festival in the UK.
Mick Hutson/Redferns

The US doesn't have a sufficient warning system for nuclear threats, Redlener said.

Hawaii learned this lesson in 2018, when the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency sent out an erroneous push alert to people's smartphones, warning of an inbound ballistic-missile threat.

"Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill," the warning read. An employee at the agency had sent the alert by mistake.

phone screenshots shows emergency alert warning of inbound ballistic missile then a new alert saying false alarm there is no missile threat
A combination photograph shows screenshots from a cell phone displaying an alert for a ballistic missile launch and the subsequent false alarm message in Hawaii January 13, 2018. 
Hugh Gentry/Reuters

"It caused chaos," Redlener said, adding: "Some people just totally ignored it, and some people went into panic mode and were jumping down sewer drains with their children."

Redlener said the best way to learn of an impending nuclear attack would probably be TV or radio. Those without immediate access to news reports could hear sirens, he said, but the noise might be confusing. By the time you googled the sirens or called the police department, your time would have run out, he said.

The best course of action is simply to avert your eyes. When a nuclear bomb strikes, it sets off a flash of light and a giant orange fireball. A 1-megaton bomb (about 80 times larger than the "Little Boy" atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan) could temporarily blind people up to 13 miles away on a clear day and up to 53 miles away on a clear night.

two people curled up face down in parking structure with hands over ears
People demonstrate taking shelter with their hands covering their eyes and ears while keeping their mouth open, during a drill in Taipei, Taiwan, July 22, 2022. 
Ann Wang/Reuters

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also recommends dropping to the ground with your face down and your hands tucked under your body to protect from flying debris or sweltering heat that could burn your skin. If you have a scarf or handkerchief, cover your nose and mouth.

But make sure to keep your mouth open, so your eardrums don't burst from pressure. Research also suggests that if you're in an above-ground building, avoid narrow hallways and doorways, which can act like a windtunnel, accelerating the detonation's shockwaves to dangerous, bone-crushing pressures. Instead, seek shelter along walls in large, open spaces and avoid rooms with windows, if you can.

First 45 minutes: Seek shelter indoors away from windows

nuclear bunker
People attend an excursion at the Underground Sevastopol museum at a functioning nuclear bunker in Sevastopol, Crimea, on October 16, 2018. 
Sergei Malgavko/TASS/Getty Images

A single nuclear weapon could result in tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of immediate deaths in a major city like New York or Washington. The number of casualties depends on the size of the weapon, where it's detonated, and how many people are upwind of the blast.

Survivors of a nuclear attack would have about 15 minutes before sandlike radioactive particles, known as nuclear fallout, reached the ground. Exposure to fallout can result in radiation poisoning, which can damage the body's cells and prove fatal.

nuclear fallout shelter
A sign for a nuclear fallout shelter on a residential block in Brooklyn. 
Epics/Getty Images

People should ideally look for shelter in the opposite direction of fallen buildings.

"You'd want to go in the direction away from the wind," Redlener said, adding: "Get as far away as you can in the next 10 to 15 minutes, and then immediately seek shelter before the radiation cloud descends."

The best shelters are buildings like schools or offices with few to no windows and a basement for camping out. If there aren't sturdy buildings nearby, it's still better to be indoors than outside.

If you take cover in a multistory building, choose a central location and steer clear of the top and bottom floors. If the building has windows, stand in the center of a room. Shock waves can shatter windows up to 10 miles away from an explosion, resulting in flying glass that could injure people nearby.

First 24 hours: Rinse off in the shower and stay inside 

Afghan coal miner
People who were outside during an explosion should shower as soon as possible. 
Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

The hours after a blast are critical for reducing radiation exposure.

Doctors can often treat radiation damage with substances such as potassium iodide, though "there are certain dose levels that you can't do anything about," Kathryn Higley, a professor of nuclear science at Oregon State University, told Insider. 

But in a disaster scenario, there may not be enough physicians or hospital beds to care for everyone.

"There are not enough empty burn beds in all of the United States to deal with even a single nuclear attack on one city in the US," Tara Drozdenko, the director of the Union of Concerned Scientists' Global Security Program, told Insider.

People who were outside during an explosion should shower as soon as possible, making sure the water is warm and soap is applied gently. Scrubbing too hard could break your skin, which acts as a natural protective barrier. You should also cover any cuts or abrasions while rinsing off. Complete these same steps for pets, too.

Don't use conditioner, body lotion, or face cream after exposure to a nuclear blast, since these products can bind to radioactive particles and trap them in your skin and hair.

nuclear simulation
Rescuers take care of a wounded person during a simulation exercise of a nuclear accident at the Areva nuclear plant in Beaumont-Hague, France, on December 8, 2011. 
Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP/Getty Images

Blow your nose and wipe your ears and eyelids, since debris could get stuck in these places. The CDC also recommends sealing outer layers of clothing in a plastic bag, along with any tissues or cloths used to wipe your body or face.

It's safe to consume food from sealed containers such as packages, bottles, or cans, according to the CDC. You can also eat items from your pantry or refrigerator, as long as you wipe off containers, cookware, counters, and utensils. But anything left uncovered, such as fruits or veggies from a garden, would be unsafe to eat.

Unless you're told to go outside, it's best to stay put until the risk of contamination has gone down. The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends staying indoors for at least 24 hours after a nuclear explosion.

First 7 days: Listen to the radio or television for next steps

Access ramp to a nuclear fallout shelter in Berlin.
If you go outside within the first week after a nuclear explosion, make sure to cover your mouth and any open wounds to help reduce your exposure to the radioactive fallout that'll be raining from the sky. 
JOHN MACDOUGALL / Contributor / Getty Images

The World Health Organization recommends listening to the local radio for information and advice on next steps. Your cell phone, television, and internet probably won't work, but battery-powered and hand-crank radios should.

Over the radio, authorities may advise you to stay put or issue an evacuation to a safer area. This is where you'll also likely learn about available medical aid, if you or someone with you, is sick.

If you venture outside, know that nuclear fallout will be raining from the sky. Most fallout from a nuclear blast takes about a week to return to the ground. 

To reduce exposure, cover your mouth and nose with a damp cloth when you go outside and make sure you don't have any exposed open wounds. Also, avoid any food that's directly exposed to open air like fresh produce or open water supplies.

Ultimately, the best thing you can do is remain indoors for the first week while the majority of nuclear fallout settles back down to the ground.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Youtube Preppers Take A Shift From Prepping How To's To Current Event News


Your pantry may look like this. It may have more or less food/goods. The pantry's will vary from household to household. The one common thing is we are awake to what is happening in the world and we are getting ready for it. 

Youtube is a great go-to place for prepping tips and tutorials. For many many years I have seen video after video of warnings of what is to come. It came in the form of Covid where we saw the true nature of the unprepared and needy. Store shelves wiped clean of toilet paper, food, water, diapers/wipes, formula, cleaning supplies and more. Some people were faced with angry, disgruntled, and aggressive people. Limits where placed on goods 1 or 2 per customer. 

Now, we are nearing what I feel is WW3 with Russia and it's supporting Countries. Failing banks and rising interest rate hikes 6 since Covid hit alone in the U.S.A. Food and product prices that are often out of reach for families. Now, the tide has turned with a large portion of the Youtube Prepper community. Their content changed into Current Events striking a bell of alarm day in and day out. Most feel they have provided enough videos on what to do for prepping and shifted gears. I totally understand there is only so many ways to teach the same thing over and over again. A smaller portion have stopped sharing their prepping efforts completely because they live in suburbs where they can easily be targeted. 

The question is: Is this hurting the people trying to learn to prep? 
I hope not. There many videos out there that provide step by step instructions on how to fortify their pantry's with extended food safely. So, don't focus on the news and place your energy into your preps.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Walmart Grocery Store Haul With Prices

 I went to my local Walmart this week. As I walked around I couldn't believe my eyes. The prices are soo high. I passed by many items that I felt were simply to costly. I gathered as much on my list as I could that I felt was within reason. Then I walked up to self check out. Our store only has 1 cashier available for an entire store to boot. After all was said and done my grocery's cost $219.50

I felt it was important to share this video with prices as a historical document that can be referred to in the future. Prices will continue to climb. As more weather events effect farmers and crops.  Many countries are keeping their major exports of sugar, grain/wheat, coffee etc. for their own people. Many have stock piled preparing for War. 

I will be doing the same for my family preparing my home for uncertain times ahead. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

A Major Event Will Affect Everything Get Food Now!


How many times have you been this woman in the photo above? A  mom sitting at a table struggling trying to figure out how to feed her children, heat their home, mend clothes, and push through the day while being ill. While her children unaware of any real world problems playing around her. This is a common place thing that happens. The stress of the world brought into our homes because of unpreparedness. Her cold cellar maybe close to empty and no money to go to town for essentials like flour, sugar, and yeast. The cow that provides milk is sick along with the chickens. The milk and eggs that normally is a daily staple has come to a grinding halt. Now, letting out hems for her growing children and placing patches on thread bare clothes for the winter her fingers grow sore and she holds her head from the stressful ache.

As a homemaker there is not a day that we don't see in the news that food price continue to rise. Food manufacturers are cutting down their selections and retiring long time favorites because of inability to get supplies to make them. News of the ever changing and devastating affects on the climate and its toll on harvest/fields around the world. World Health Organization sounding the alarm for starvation that may knock on our door. Economist telling people to prepare and stock up on food because of looming shortages. 

Fact: China has over 1 years worth of grain and that they are not sharing. 

The current War with Russia and Ukraine that may pull in other countries and a shock around the world will occur. We will feel its affects in many different ways. But if we prepare and educate ourselves we can all be in a better position to get through the hard times ahead. 

How do we protect our families from struggles? We stock up our food pantries and prepare. This will look different to many. Some may buy up shelf stable goods like canned/tin food, rice, dry beans, oats, yeast, flour, sugar, spices, coffee, water, and more because of limited mobility health problems, lack of land, or simply don't have a green thumb to save their life. While other families will grow food and can them in glass jars and others still will grow food in a as needed basis and buy shelf stable goods. Everyone will have a different way to care for their families. We are not to judge. The point is get it done. As long as our families are being feed and not going hungry. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Nabeel Al Sharqia Fragrance Review

This fragrance is a Eau De Parfum by the House of Nabeel Al Sharqia:
this is my affiliate link for amazon. I have bought several different Nabeel fragrance that I will be reviewing. So, make sure to subscribe to my You Tube Channel. Check out the video above.

fragrance top notes: orange, fresh pine middle notes: Rose, violet, orange blossom and anise bottom notes: vanilla, tonka bean, cedar, sandalwood and argar wood

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Antiquarian Sticker Walk Through Page By Page

Today, I am sharing 2 different Antiquarian Sticker Books I recently purchased from Amazon. I found them to be charming and unique. The hard back covers are illustrated beautifully. The quality of the books blew me away! I as scrolled page by page my interest grew. These are great for all kinds of paper crafts from cards, scrapbooking, monthly/daily books, mixed media, gifts, and junk journaling. Although, I saw a few more books which I have placed in my Wish List. I wanted to share how lovely these are. Below are my 2 youtube videos so you can take a good look at them and here is my Amazon affiliate links for them if you like to buy them. 

Here is my affiliate link on Amazon: $13.24 the other sticker book Amazon affiliate link for this book: $12.99

Dollhouse Miniatures From Grab Bags and More

 I have been buying from for many years. I am sharing my purchase video above. You can see all the wonderful items I chose. I have another box that came in with Reutter pieces that are delightful make sure to subscribe to my channel to see them soon. Below is their newest catalog. I am always excited to see their newest dollhouse miniatures. 

Did you know that once a year they have a grab bag they offer one per purchase. These grab bags can be anything dollhouse miniature related.  You never know what you may get. So, it's always exciting to see what they may send. Although, I will admit my newest miniatures haven't found their homes yet in one of my many treasured dollhouse's. I will be working on this during these upcoming months. I will post video's on youtube and photos here. Enjoy

Monday, July 11, 2022

Dollhouse Miniature Attic Diy Project

 On my YouTube channel I have been sharing some 1:12 scale Diy projects for my dollhouse miniature attic project. Above you see the video and how to for my projects. I will briefly describe them below.

Project 1: I recycled a box that held themed macaron markers and turned it into a Christmas tree storage bag with a vintage feel. The tree inside has seen better days. It was a Dollar Tree Christmas find. 

Project 2: I created the leopard statue. The leopard is a pendent that I purchased from Shein in their Diy section. they came 10 to a bag. I simply snipped off the top used some wood I had on had and found paper that resembled the ground.

Project 3: This framed picture is a gem for sure. The photo came from Shein in their stationary section. The little book was perfect 1:12 scale and jam packed with beautiful and interesting pictures for future projects. 

As I gathered my items and gave thought to each one I found a peacefulness. I can honestly say this hobby brings joy and a tranquility. I will be posting more on channel. To see my video's subscribe to my channel on Youtube so you don't miss a beat.

Friday, July 8, 2022

The Wolf Prepper Will they Take Everything?


On YouTube there is a big talking point called Wolf Prepping. A Wolf Prepper is a person that looks for preppers and their supplies.  What is a Prepper? A person that prepares for uncertain and challenging times. They prepare by getting water, food, medicine, and a means to protect your home/family. Some Preppers have just a few weeks worth of supplies and others years worth. What does this Wolf do? This Wolf goes from home to home and takes everything you have so carefully prepared for. This person(s) use what they find mindlessly with no pause or caution. In their mindset they will continue to hunt for what they need.

What you may find in there homes Wolf/Prepper.

Water, Water Purifiers, Juices, Coffee, Canned Drinks, Dry Drinks, Water Barrels

Food Canned, Dry Goods, Dehydrated, Seeds, Garden 

Long Term Foods 15-30 Shelf Life Foods

Medicine and First Aid Varies 

Clothing, Shoes, Coats

Alternative Cooking and for Warmth Wood Stove, Propane Stove, Solar Oven, Rocket Stove, Generators and Fuel

These is just a sample but by no means a complete list. 

These Wolf Preppers can ravage and take what they want but they can't take away your skills for cooking, mending, home remedies, gardening and most importantly your spiritual relationship with God. Our memories won't be stripped from us nor our desire to survive. 

My Personal Experience:

Things can always be taken away but your true bounty is God and the spiritual armor your have built for these times. You see in my lifetime I have come to lose all my worldly possessions 2 times. Once to a fire and another to escape a abusive relationship. 1st time I had only the clothes on my back and second time clothes on my back with children in tow.  These were trying times for sure. I quickly learned everything lost can be regained. It was a fresh start indeed to start all over again. But my greatest blessing my children were with me and safe. My memories were still in tacked and my Faith. So, you see regardless of what kind of Wolf comes into your life. You will be survive it and come out stronger. 


Friday, May 27, 2022

Homemaking Challenges During War


I wrote this before the war in Ukraine began thus my thoughts before it occurred I will share..... As a possible War looms across the pond in (Ukraine). Many countries are there standing by to take orders. I silently pray this does not happen. I silently pray no loss of life occurs. But just like any other war sadly this is to be expected. As troops prepare for the unknowns. 

I prepare my home for the unknowns as well.  Families already struggle to get by with meager pay checks, loss of work, and food/product shortages. I look to see how well our local food pantries are faring with the same shortages. Sadly, not well at all.

Here is a link to my article I wrote on the Great Depression Era Grocery List and Prepper Pantry: 
This paints a clearer picture of what I need to do in my home.

1. Look at my pantry
2. Make list of items needed
3. Look for sales strategically
4. Write down economical meals
5. Don't forget seasonings
6. Drink mixtures
7. Seeds to grow your own food & herbs
8. Learn how to make bread by hand
9. Keep a list of ingredient staples if something is on sale pick it up
10. Go to food pantries and church's for help don't be prideful if the family is hurting.
11. Barter with family, friends, and neighbors
12. Make short term goals for amount of food staples I want for our home. Start with several weeks worth to a few months and then 1 year.