Friday, May 27, 2022

Homemaking Challenges During War


I wrote this before the war in Ukraine began thus my thoughts before it occurred I will share..... As a possible War looms across the pond in (Ukraine). Many countries are there standing by to take orders. I silently pray this does not happen. I silently pray no loss of life occurs. But just like any other war sadly this is to be expected. As troops prepare for the unknowns. 

I prepare my home for the unknowns as well.  Families already struggle to get by with meager pay checks, loss of work, and food/product shortages. I look to see how well our local food pantries are faring with the same shortages. Sadly, not well at all.

Here is a link to my article I wrote on the Great Depression Era Grocery List and Prepper Pantry: 
This paints a clearer picture of what I need to do in my home.

1. Look at my pantry
2. Make list of items needed
3. Look for sales strategically
4. Write down economical meals
5. Don't forget seasonings
6. Drink mixtures
7. Seeds to grow your own food & herbs
8. Learn how to make bread by hand
9. Keep a list of ingredient staples if something is on sale pick it up
10. Go to food pantries and church's for help don't be prideful if the family is hurting.
11. Barter with family, friends, and neighbors
12. Make short term goals for amount of food staples I want for our home. Start with several weeks worth to a few months and then 1 year.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Baby Formula Alternatives During This Shortage

Baby formula was created by Justes von Liebig in 1867. The need was sought out after a high baby mortality rate and a large variety of health issues for the infants arose. 

Did you know between the 16th and 18th century babies often were given bread soaked in water, cows milk, and sugared water. Some were given cooked cereal in bone broth. For the families in better financial position they may have hired a wet nurse. 

The history of infant breast feeding is very interesting. Example: Lactation failure is mentioned in the earliest medical encyclopedia, The Papyrus Ebers, which came from Egypt (1550 BC) and contains a small pediatric section that includes a prescription for lactation failure, as follows:
To get a supply of milk in a woman's breast for suckling a child: Warm the bones of a sword fish in oil and rub her back with it. Or: Let the woman sit cross-legged and eat fragrant bread of soused durra, while rubbing the parts with the poppy plant. (, p. 154)

The list below has it's pro's and con's and should be discussed with your child's doctor for the best choice. Ask if some kind of vitamin supplement should be considered. Lastly, if your child is prone to constipation make note to the doctor that condition and any other. 

Choice's: Breast Milk is Best but when it's not possible for many different reasons. There are choices. 

1.Cow's Milk

2. Rice Milk

3. Coconut Milk

4. Goat Milk

5. Almond Milk

6. Oat Milk

7. Carnation condensed Milk with 2 tsp of Karo (get unsweetened condensed milk)

8. There are women that are breast feeding and have an over flow of breast milk willing to store/refrigerate for mothers that cannot breast feed. 

Monday, April 18, 2022

USA Bird Flu and It's Affect on The Homemaker Recipes and more.

 The Avian Bird Flu is upon the U.S.A. 23 million birds have died.  It has spread over 24 states.  It is affecting commercial and back yard chickens. They say it is the worst since 7 years ago where 50 million birds died. What's the big deal? Let me share with you why this is important. 

We are facing food shortages and prices hikes. Our weekly and monthly home budgets will not stretch. We sit idle at our tables with paper and pen scouring over sale papers from different stores. Trying to come up with the best financial choices for meals and deep freezers.

Now that you found the best prices it's time to shop and cross our fingers they have them in stock. You go to the store money on hand and pull up to an empty case of meat. There is none in sight. You quickly feel deflated and frustrated. You ask kindly if they have any stock in the back the dreaded nod of No Sorry comes quickly. 

This is when we switch gears and go to the canned food isle to find canned chicken/beef/tuna/vienna sausage/corn beef hash anything that may be our saving grace. We got lucky they have them now to choose with your limited funds. You choose the chicken and corn beef hash. The chicken can be made into many different meals or appetizers. The corn beef hash has well remember this can be seasoned beautifully just like any other meat/protein. 

I need eggs you whisper to yourself you quickly think of the many meals and casseroles that you can make. I hope they have them with the shortage. Your in luck they are available now you see rainbows and breathe a sigh of relief. Maybe this weeks meals will not be so difficult to create after all. Below are some idea's of meals to make.

Meals with canned or left over chicken from a previous meal:

Chicken Salad can be made with mayonnaise, hard boiled eggs, celery, onion, pepper,  paprika, pickles, cranberry, nuts and variety of mustards. Every recipes will vary according to what you have and your taste. You can eat these with crackers, bread (sandwich), rice/pasta or inside a baked potatoe. 

Creamy Chicken Pasta

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Chicken Salad Crackers

Chicken Salad and Baked Potatoe

Chicken Rice Soup made simply with chicken stock, rice, and chicken be it left overs or canned. Add your seasoning its a comfort food and filling. If you use a chicken you can keep the bones to make a bone broth as well. 

Bird in the Nest is a great option for anytime of the day. They do have different variations that cook in the over in cupcake tins with filo, bacon, hash browns, and more. My family enjoys the one you will see below. I do add spices, cheese and occasionally left over sandwich meat (smoked turkey) that I cook on the side and add on the top.

Egg Salad Sandwich they have different variations that you can customize according to what you have in your pantry.

A common meal is rice with 1 egg on top in our home. We use spices and sweet/hot sauces to add personality to the meal. The rice is an easy quick and economical find. 

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Amazon Prepper Food Haul Price Comparison's From Then Till Now

 Today, I am sharing 2 prepper videos from my YouTube channel. I include prices as I go through the items I have bought. What I was able to buy then verses now for the same money is impossible. We as homemakers have a up hill battle to make ends meet. I encourage you to prep your pantry's to secure a better future for your families. I see alot of rough years ahead of us. Food shortages, product shortages, and higher prices for utilities with grab a hold of all of us. We can better position ourselves right now by getting ready for these rough sea's ahead. Be strategic with what your family truly eats, consumes, and use's. Basics are water, food/seeds, medicine, cleaning products, toiletries/paper products and means of self defense. Lastly, try your hand in gardening. Victory gardens during the depression era is what got families through tough times. 

Sunday, March 13, 2022

U.S.A. CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) The New World Order


This morning I woke up to article on CNN for Central Bank Digital Currency ( I had researched this subject a few years ago when other countries decided to go into the same direction. This brought up alot of concerns and red flags. I find it interesting that during this time of uncertainty the Federal Reserve has stepped up the process via the U.S. government/banks to implement the use of Digital Currency (CBDC). This digital currency would allow direct payments to others without a 3rd party as well. False, the true 3rd party is the government. 

The White House President Joe Biden's Executive Order fact sheet on Digital Currency

The red flags for me are the ability for the government to track all purchases and basically your foot print. If we go further into harder times they could limit the our ability to make certain purchases on goods, services, food, fuel, and more. They would have the ability to de-activate or limit the use  of your card if you didn't pay your taxes (state or federal) or if you were not in good standing with debt of any kind. These are all plausible scenarios that could happen.  We would be at the mercy of the government. 

This digital currency would gain wind under its sails with Crypto investors. These investors that are Billionaires/Millionaires also known as whales shift their weight on the daily markets to make massive gains and drops at a heart beat. Making some smaller investors wealthier and others broke. 

It's my understanding Ethereum's block chain technology/platform is the most compatible at the moment for this digital currency CBDC for the USA. This certainly could change in the futiure. They are trying to eliminate the U.S. paper dollar from being created or used. While all this happens Gold and Silver will rise to new heights. But that is a topic for another day.     

These countries have begun or will be using a form of Digital currency CBDC:

China:  renminbi or Digital Currency/Electronic Payments (DCEP) 

Bahamas: the Sand Dollar, a digital version of its Bahamian dollar

The Marshall Islands: plan to launch Marshallese Sovereign

Sweden: piloting a CBDC called e-krona

Europeon Union: European Central Bank (ECB) has also explored releasing a CBDC, the digital euro

Singapore: (MAS) Project Ubin

These other countries South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, and others are considering launching CBDCs as well. 

Here is the possible platform not yet confirmed that maybe used by the USA (below). 

Here is a bit about Ethereum via Wikipedia: Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality. Ether is the native cryptocurrency of the platform. Among cryptocurrencies, Ether is second only to Bitcoin in market capitalization. Ethereum was conceived in 2013 by programmer Vitalik Buterin. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

ShopmissA Haul Video and Winner!

ShopmissA has been a go to place for picking up accessories like jewelry, rings, scarves, face mask Korean Beauty and more for years. I have really enjoyed their AOA line of cosmetics that have on trend colors, quality, and performance. 

Here is my link for ShopmissA:

Im posting below the last few Youtube ShopmissA videos I recently have posted below along with the winners name.

The Winner is Drum Roll Please!!!! The Winner please email me at with your mailing information. I will confirm by replying with a secret code for you to reply back to via the original comment to secure it is you.

Karla SmootCOMMENT:

I love the cute green and gold snake earrings.

Monday, March 7, 2022

Shein Is It A Good, Safe or Recommended Site: My Personal Experience Buying From Them Over 3 Years Youtube Videos

 I have buying from for many years now here is my link:   I really enjoy the economical finds and trendy fast fashion options they provide. I have purchased plus size clothes, children's clothing, home, jewelry, car accessories, shoes, purses, crafting/stationary and more. Their site is massive and can feel a bit over whelming. If you take your time you will find many treasures. I do recommend for clothing to check each items measurements they vary from item to item. The description provides material information and if it stretches or not. I am a size 24 bottom and 26/28 top and have been able to buy clothing between 4x to 5x on their site successfully. The children's clothing I found run about 2 sizes small just a heads up. Their shoe department I feel runs on the small size as well so keep that in mind below you will see my videos for Shein plus size try-on and more!

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Canada Quebec Proof Of Vaccine to Enter Walmart Costco Ikea


This was a topic of discussion that was of great concern. I learned the entry of non-vaccinated person into Walmart would require an employee to walk with them. If you disagree to the employee walking with you entry will be denied. The non-vaccinated person will only be able to shop in the food and pharmacy department. If you have a prescription you would need to stand in a plexi glass box (box of shame) while you wait for medications and accompanied by an employee. Once your done the employee accompanies you to check out to make sure you do not attempt to buy from any other department. 

Check out the discussion above.

Monday, December 27, 2021

Great Depression Era Grocery List and Prepper Pantry


The Great Depression Grocery List (see below). I  wanted to include the reality of Rations and Victory Gardens as well. For families this meant cooking from scratch. Alot of the ingredient's used were grown, canned, preserved, dried, bartered, and bought (with limits).

Self sufficiency was a necessity. Many grew Victory Gardens.

These gardens would carry families through the year. Their efforts to grow vegetables, fruit, and herbs would allow them to preserve fruit/vegetables (canned or dried), and add herbs to their meals. Any surplus was never wasted. Bartering among neighbors after having a successful Victory Garden Harvest was common. 

Here is the Great Depression Era Grocery List:

Rice: this stretched out alot of meals from pasta, meat loafs and everything in between.

Beans/Legumes: used a bulk for meals and to stretch them with larger families


Peanut Butter & Jelly


Mayonnaise: used in many odd recipes and sandwiches during that time

Macaroni and Cheese/Pasta: Surprisingly Macaroni and Cheese became very popular for a advertised 9 minute meal to feed a family of four. It sold for 19 cents a box.

Powdered Milk 

Cured Meats Spam/Hot Dogs: I must expand on this one.

Hot Dogs were a common street food and bought for only a nickel/5 cents. This was promoted for as alternative to meats that were difficult to obtain for meals. 


Canned Vegetables

Flour: biscuits/cakes/bread (no egg or milk cakes)

they had to be very creative. Since eggs and milk were rationed.

Corn Meal

Dried Fruits

Baking Powder/Yeast: place yeast in refrigerator it will last longer. They made biscuits/breads/and bread crumbs. Breads used in meals and stretched meat loafs. 



Lard: nothing was wasted from cooking this included lard from meals to be used again.


Spices and Salt

Preservation: drying herbs, homemade jellies, homemade jerky, salad dressing, dried fruits, mayonnaise and more.                        

This is a line for Sugar Rations. Could you imagine the hours spent standing in line just to get your ration and hope they don't run out before your turn. 

Other Rationed Items:

Sugar      Coffee     Butter      Fish       Eggs   

Canned Goods       Cheese     Shoes    Rubber 

Gasoline     Tea

Many people see similarities to what is happening now with food shortages, limitations on food and products and price increases. We should all take a active stance and look at our pantry's. See what maybe missing that can carry our families during these uncertain times. Get those shelves stocked up.

Monday, December 6, 2021

Doll House Miniature Kitchen Foods & My 1st Dollhouse That Started My Life Long Hobby


The simple joys of Doll House Miniatures. It's a never ending journey for me. It all began at the ripe age of 16 when I bought my 1st Doll House from Ben Franklins Nursey. They had a section just for Doll House Miniatures. A man that worked there would take kits home build them and put them on display. This particular day I remember going there because they had a clearance sale for the entire section. The company was no longer carrying Doll House's, furniture or accessories anymore. I worked and had money that I had saved. I saw a Doll House that the man had built and was on display. They never were for sale. This day everything had to go. I pulled a shopping cart and placed it on top. Of course it didn't fit inside. The Farm House was big it held 8 rooms. I made it to the register and teetered tottered towards my car did I forget to mention it was a 2 door,lol. Well I tried and tried to make it fit to no avail. I ended up calling a friend with a SUV and waiting patiently with my new Doll House as other people smiled and pitied my feeble attempt to make it fit. Once it made it home I found a table to set it on and that's where my life long love with the Doll House Miniature Hobby began. The video below is a sneak peak into my very 1st Doll House. I haven't done much to it. Since the earlier days. Almost like a time capsule of sorts. I promised myself to one day truly begin the journey to update, decorate, and display my true favorite Doll House.  

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Homemakers New Financial Challenges In The Kitchen And Home


  As the picture depicts a frazzled homemaker. All around the world this is a common theme now. We are struggling to make ends meet. The demands feel heavier than normal with less options for relief. After home schooling our children for a year in the state of Maryland with Covid shutdowns. I found myself with little in ways of escape. Limited mobility and rules. Now 1 year later the children are back in school. 

Now we are faced with new challenges of limited availability of goods that includes everything from food, clothing, appliances, car repair parts, home repair parts and the list goes on and on. 

  As I sit here at my dining room table I've opened my windows to let my home breath its a 46 degree's and it feel wonderful. I hear a bird singing and it brings a smile to my face. At the same time a show on the TV that my son is watching. He is staying home with tummy troubles. My husband rummaging around upstairs getting ready for work.

 What is my point this fine morning. I feel like a frazzled homemaker today.  I'm thinking of possible meals to make. You may be thinking I am sitting with a planner/notebook of some kind diligently writing a strategic meal plan. Let's keep it real I don't really meal plan. I just don't have it in me. Never been the planner type person. More of a free spirit and that's okay. 

Our Big Challenge is Food Prices are Rising! As I type and even breath they rise. What I used to pay for example Vienna Sausages 6 pack $2.49 now are $3.47 at the Walmart. It's crazy leaving me and most families with less options. The odds are stacked against us. Honestly, the prices will only continue to rise and rise. They will not go back down. We as homemakers will be spread thin. Many families are already struggling with food security. 

Now, let's keep it real. Alot of people don't cook now a days and head straight to fast food with the best meal deal. I'm soo Guilty,lol They feel this is a time saver although costly and free's them up to do other things. The honest truth is the cost for a meal deal would equate to several meals from the grocery store. So, families need to get back to the basics. Cooking at home and learning to use left overs in creative ways so nothings goes to waste. Getting back to basics. This will be a up hill battle for many but it will happen my friends. We have no choice. Encourage those around to cook. Share your knowledge with your families, friends, and groups. It will be indispensable information that can be carried on from generation to generation. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Disturbing Reports Of Fake Food In U.K. Grocery Stores


Food shortages are being felt around the world. The United Kingdom is feeling the effects with Brexit. The grocery store shelves are being lined with fake food. Check out my video above.       

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Homemaker's Tip's For The Home While USA Food Prices Surge

 As most us have seen food prices have gone up. You carry out less  and less food while paying more. A easy way to combat this dilemma is to shop smart. Look for sales, coupons, deals and in season fruits/vegetables. This will help with your bottom line. 

Now, most will not like to hear this. Cooking at home will save you money. Going out to eat cost's more than buying groceries that can be spread out for several days. It's important to be smart during these uncertain times. 

                               I can feel the eye rolls and sighs,lol. 

Many of us are stressed, over worked, and literally burnt out by the days end. We have to push ourselves for the betterment of our families. Cooking at home will save you money and believe or not bring your family closer together. Keeping simple meals to 5 ingredients or less. Crock pots are a great cooking tool. When you get home the dinner is ready for the family. Cooking larger batches of rice, soups, breads, beans etc. That you incorporate into other meals will save you time. 

Cook with purpose and re-use left overs. Go online for recipes ( or cook books at home. Write down the meals you especially enjoyed with your family so you dont forget. Keep them in a note book, box, or folder for easy reference. 

These difficult times are pushing more families to cook at home. Embrace it and enjoy the journey. Involve your children and sit down together for meals. Talk about your day or things to come. It's a by gone tradition for many families. Lets take on this challenge for cooking at home and enjoy the new connections that you will make with your family. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

20 Ingredient Substitutions A Must Have

I found this information on Food Network By Leah Brickle. Here is the link below:

Baking Powder (double-acting): For 1 teaspoon, combine 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda. The two combined will produce carbon dioxide gas which will make baked goods rise and puff as they bake.

Baking Soda: For 1 teaspoon, use 3 teaspoons baking powder. Baking powder will give a similar lift to baked goods — though it won’t neutralize acidic ingredients (cocoa powder, brown sugar) like baking soda does so the taste may be slightly different.

Breadcrumbs: Crushed crackers, crushed pretzels or crushed potato chips work nicely. Alternatively, for 1/2 cup breadcrumbs, grind 1 slice of bread in a food processor.

Brown Sugar (light and dark): Try turbinado or muscovado sugar, which are both less refined than granulated sugar (muscovado also has some natural molasses just like brown sugar). Alternatively, for 1 cup, combine 1 cup granulated sugar with 2 to 3 tablespoons molasses. The resulting baked goods may be crunchier and sweeter.

Chicken Broth: Vegetable or beef broth. Or try water seasoned with a little soy sauce, bouillon cubes or bouillon granules — or even water by itself, if the recipe requires a cup or less. Water is amazing: it provides the same moisture and volume as broth and can be easily seasoned to taste.

Half-and-Half: For 1 cup, combine a scant cup of whole milk and 1 tablespoon melted butter. Alternatively, combine 3/4 cup whole milk and 1/4 cup heavy cream.

Heavy Whipping Cream: You can only make these substitutes if you're not actually whipping the cream. Try Half-and-half or, for 1 cup, combine 3/4 cup milk and 4 tablespoons melted butter.

Herbs: For 1 tablespoon fresh herbs, use 1 teaspoon dry herbs. This applies to both woody (rosemary, thyme) and tender herbs (parsley, basil).

Honey: Maple syrup, light or dark corn syrup. All have about the same consistency (though maple syrup is thinner), but the flavor of your finished recipe will vary.

Kosher Salt: For 1/2 teaspoon, use 1/4 teaspoon iodized (table) salt. The granules of iodized salt are smaller than kosher salt so they can’t be evenly exchanged — 1/2 teaspoon of iodized salt is saltier than 1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt.

Lemon Juice: Orange juice or lime juice. All citrus adds acid and a little bit of sweetness.

Milk: Yogurt or sour cream thinned with water to a pourable consistency.

Nuts: Most nuts can be exchanged for each other especially in baking recipes like quick breads and muffins. If the flavor of a nut is important to a recipe — like with pecan pie — then it may be better to wait and get the nuts you need.

Sour Cream: Plain yogurt, Greek yogurt or creme fraiche. All 4 of these are fermented dairy products that will provide a similar tang and creaminess.

Soy Sauce: For small amounts: Worcestershire sauce. For larger amounts (like for a dipping sauce): Tamari, coconut aminos or liquid amino acids. While all of these are fermented sauces, Worcestershire sauce has such a distinct flavor that, if replacing a large amount of soy sauce, will be too distinct. The others will all meld and won’t overpower.

Tomato Paste: For 1 tablespoon, simmer 3 tablespoons tomato sauce or pureed tomatoes until very thick, then cool.

Vanilla Extract: Maple syrup, bourbon, brandy or rum. Pure vanilla extract is made by soaking vanilla beans in ethyl alcohol (vanilla essence or imitation vanilla also contains alcohol). All the suggested substitutions will help enhance the other flavors in a recipe — just like vanilla.

Vegetable Oil: Canola oil, olive oil, avocado oil, melted and cooled coconut oil or ghee. All of these have a similar smoke point: the temperature at which a fat will stop shimmering and start to smoke. Butter has a very low smoke point (which means it will burn quicker) so is not a good substitute for sauteing or frying. However, melted butter can be substituted for oil in quick breads and muffins.

Vinegar: Lemon juice or most other vinegars. Every vinegar will take on the flavors of what it was originally fermented from (white wine, red wine, raspberries). Keep those subtle flavor differences in mind though balsamic vinegar is a tad sweeter and more distinct than most.

White Wine (dry): Broth or stock. Alternatively, water with a squeeze of lemon or a splash of vinegar.