Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Look At Your Pantry What Do You Really Have? U.S. Food Prices Sky Rocketing

In real life our pantries may look like these photos. A bit disorganized and haphazard. It's not do to lack of trying but busy lives, kiddos, or stress. Taking 15  minutes a day to work on your pantry will allow you to see what you really have. You might find you have bought the same thing many times over. Now you can really see what your family needs. Make a list of needed items to keep you on track while shopping. 

Sticker Shock
As you go to the store you see prices are rising and packages getting smaller in ounces or pounds. The level of stress rises a bit as you struggle with the amount at check out shaking your head. You begin to wonder if you will be able to make these choices stretch. Now, those fun go to items are not as many. You begin to watch the news to see what exactly is happening? Will this be a short time of increased food prices? The Answer No. Watch my video below.

Now that you have a clearer picture of what is happening in the world with farming, weather, cyber attacks, droughts, and inability to import enough. Now you find yourself making more meals at home. This may not be something your used to so you stress a bit it but push on. Important: if you lost your job/work part time/ or full time and cant make ends meet. Food prices are hurting your ability to pay other bills. Consider going to a food bank, church, food pantry or getting state assistance. Till you can get back on your feet. 

 I know I have given you alot to think about. Now is the time more than ever to go through your shelves and truly see what you have. Look for simple recipes of 5 ingredients or less. These can be found on the internet, magazines, cook books, and family/friends. Making a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner may help to guide your usage of pantry and time. Larger crockpot or pots of stews, soups, and other meals will carry over for a day or more. Have containers for left overs that can be used for other meals or in between snacks. Some may have box mixes that have sat unused. Pull them off the shelves and make those breads, muffins, biscuits, cakes, scones, cupcakes and cookies. These will hold over little tummies and provide a pick me up when times are hard.  Lastly, we will all have to rethink what we do and adapt to the ever changing times. You may run across empty shelves again but not do to Covid and unpreparedness. But do to inability to farm, inport/export shortages, weather, droughts and more. Be prepared buy a little more here and there and it will add up quickly. Check out my other prepping articles.