Friday, December 14, 2018

Keeping Warm in 1700's

The average family was not well off.  They would live in a 1 room house with no separate bedrooms, kitchen, or closets. All the family activities where typically around the homes fireplace. As homes were cold and drafty most did all their activities during the cold season by candle light and wood fire. The average family had a small fire place that was badly designed and most of the heat would escape. The fire place served as the kitchen too. Some families with children would create a loft with wooden ladder for children to sleep in. One of the ways they kept warm were sleeping side by side (body heat). They kept all their clothing on no matter of cleanliness. Also, the heat rising from the fire place would help. The parents would sleep below to keep an eye on the fire and keep it going. This would provide a bit of privacy for the parents as well. The examples above is a typical home found in the USA. There are many different kinds of homes depending on your families financial status. 

 Other ways people kept warm were by keeping busy. Daily chores would not only provide task completion but warmth by moving the body. At night to help warm their beds stones or coals placed inside linens or bed warmers (see below) were used. These were used between sheets and blankets. Average home would have many homemade quilts and blankets that would be piled up on top of one another for warmth at night. 

Clothing and hygiene was different during those times as well. The average person would not bathe weeks, months or just 1/2 times a year. Which did not help with illness and disease.

The clothing of the average family or working person was made for functionality. It would serve for warmth during the cold but not comfort or fashion. The outer layer of clothing would be made of wool (typically itchy) underneath the linen would help with the scratchiness of the wool. The linen fabric would serve as a layering piece as well. Most of the time these where not washed or removed for extended periods of time. It was said they believe the smoke/peat from fires would act as a deodorizer for clothing worn. So, it would not be surprising if most smelled of smokey clothing and body odor.

 Coats consisted of wool and animal skins. Hoods and smaller interior hats of linen would keep the head and body warm. Coats/Capes where typically made of wool and animal skins. Hunters would have leather (animal skin) pants and jackets that would be worn during all kinds of seasons. These would keep skin dry from snow and rain. They also wore mittens during those times made of leather or wool. 


Thursday, December 13, 2018

Homemakers Pantry and Prepping Challenge

Here are some canned foods I bought from the Dollar Tree today to help expand my pantry and prepping efforts.A friendly reminder most Dollar Tree stores accept manufacturer coupons. Please visit their website for the coupon rules I looked up prices online to see what my savings are and I was pleasantly surprised. 

How to Extend Your Canned Goods:
Simple ways to extend canned meals by adding chicken/beef stock, vegetables, rice, noodles, or all. These canned foods are also good for left over chicken or beef you simply break it up add and touch up with spices. 

Crider Dark Chunk Chicken 10oz goes for $2.17 at Walmart
my savings are $1.17
Campbells Kitchen Classics Chicken Noodle Soup 14.5 oz cost 
online $1.98 my savings are $.98 cents
Campbells Kitchen Classics Beef Barley Soup 14.5 oz cost 
online $1.98 my savings are $.98 cents
Hormel Chili made with Chicken 10.5oz cost online $2.00 my savings are $1.00
Hanover Wedding Bell Soup 15oz goes for $1.58 online my savings are $.58 cents

Thursday, November 29, 2018

1 Month Up-Cycle Challenge Clothing, Accessories, and Home

Recently, I have been going through my home donating many bags of toys, clothes, and household items. However, I chose to keep certain pieces I felt that I could improve upon to keep in my wardrobe. I am challenging myself to Up-Cycle these pieces so I can continue to enjoy them in a new way. 

They have a lot of great You-Tube videos and Pinterest ideas on this. I am a beginner so I will aim for simple changes and work my way up. I enjoy looking at the creativity and thought process of others. They create pieces and styles I would not have thought of myself. Remember there is no right or wrong in this challenge. Everyone has a unique style and this will allow you to express yourself via Couture (Unique HandMade).  I will be sharing a video on my channel about his challenge and sharing some of the pieces I would like to change. 

Up-Cycling is not new. Many countries use this method in their everyday lives. They use every scrap of fabric/material notions in their possession. Nothing goes to waste. They use materials for not only clothing, coats, hats, gloves, scarves but also home (Curtains, Sheets, Pillow Cases, Table Cloths, Room Dividers, and dish towels). Some even make shoes.

We have becoming a consuming country with a throw away mentality. If something breaks just throw it away and get a new one. If a shoe needs a new heel or sole just toss it. When was your last visit to a Shoe Repair/Cobbler. Do you even know where one is located in your area? They are now far and few to be found. 

Where did all the Hat Makers and Glove Makers go? Hat/Glove Stores were women and men would shop for unique or a simple daily wear. This would be a place where customers would talk to each other and catch up while shopping. Women and Men alike would not have a complete outfit without a Hat and gloves. No matter your station or place in life.

We are swimming in the ocean of mass production in a daze. When the tides turn economically a lot of us will be drowning in the confused state of how to survive with what we have with no skill to create, mend, re-use, and re-create. I ask you to join me on the personal challenge and try your hand changing or updating a piece of clothing, jewelry, or home item. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

M&M Marbled Biscotti Recipe

This was one of my Thrift Store finds. This recipe card indicates a baking time of 35 minutes makes 24 pieces and is freezer friendly. How great is that!! Under Tips on the bottom right hand corner how to get the best results in the freezer.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving Dinner for 1 Please

The Holiday Season can be a difficult for those who have lost loved ones or not near family or friends.

Dinner for 1 Please. I truly believe that we can create our own joy and happiness in simple ways.  Nor worries you can enjoy this Holiday for 1! Think of the things you enjoy this could be the Hallmark Channel, Crafting, Woodworking, Sewing, Scrap Booking, Reading, Puzzles, Journaling, Bible Study, Drawing, Painting, Planning, Cooking, or looking at Photo Albums the list goes on and on.

Decide to do 1 or 2 activities that bring you joy and a therapeutic calm. I know when I hand sew or work on Dollhouse Miniatures this brings me to a serene place. Taking a walk outside does this as well. Reach out and wish family and friends a quick Happy Thanksgiving! Pamper yourself today with hand treatment or mask at home. Where your comfy clothes and cozy socks. Embrace this time with joy. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here and remember to reach out to those that are home bound, shut-ins, senior citizens and anyone alike that may be alone this time of year! Lets love one another year round not just on Holiday's.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Winter Home Preparation and Car Kit List

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it will be the coldest one since 1996 in Maryland. The arctic cold air from Canada will sweep in and leave our area struggling with frigid temperatures and wind chills in teens and 20's. This is a nudge from mother nature of how chilly our weather will be in the coming months. I hope all have taken out their winter items here is a list t help get your home ready:

1. Winter Clothes: sweaters, scarves, warm socks, layering shirts, warm pants
2. Winter Coats, hats, gloves/mittens/scarves/ear muffs
3. Winter Warm Shoes: any kind 
4. Winter Car Kit (see below separate paragraph)
5. Home window treatments curtains lined flannel, plastic window treatments (Dollar Tree),caulking (Dollar Tree), carpeting on cold floors
6. Blankets: comforters, throws (around the home for extra warmth), warm flannel bedding or fleece.
7. Room dividers for home that are older/chilly a common practice is to use curtains on the door entry ways to keep the chill out from the main home (by closing out unused or colder rooms). This does help. 
8. Fireplace/wood stove or back up heat source if your blessed to have one of these have enough wood/propane to carry your family through a tough season of cold harsh weather. (We don't have either in our rental)
9. Home Slippers or thick socks to keep the chill away while in the home
10. Sweaters or Cardigans for the home solely that you can leave on a go to place to keep the chill away. Great for the entire family and keeps illness/colds at bay. Its better to take off layers.
11. Humidifier Cool Mist: we have them in our bedrooms to help keep the air with a touch of moisture this helps keeping colds at bay as well. These must be cleaned every few days or 1 time a week.
12. Having your pantry fully stocked at all times so if there is a winter storm you don't have to make a store run.
a. Water, coffee, juices, ciders, teas, cocoa's
b. Food, soups, pastas, rice, beans, veggies, fruit, canned foods
c. Toilet paper, paper plates, plastic utensils, tissues, napkins, paper towels
d. cleaning supplies
13. Medicine: anything your family normally use:
cough and cold
fever reducer
diarrhea/fiber/anti acid
head ache/pain
sore throat lozenges
thermometer (they have these at the dollar tree)
first aid/ace bandages for sprains.
herbal tinctures (if you make them yourself)
women's personal care (pads, tampons, treatments Yeast Infections Azo Cranberry Pills for Urinary Tract Infections etc) 
diapers for families with younger ones
baby wipes for body 
14. Keep a full tank of Gas at all times whenever you can if you need to leave/evacuate you can quickly

Winter Car Kit: Blankets, Warm Hands, Extra Hats/Gloves (Dollar Tree),Water, Food, Extra Warm Clothes, Boots for walking, Medicine/First Aid Kit, Portable Urine Container, Winter Blend Windshield Wiper Fluid, Windshield Snow Remover, Flat Tire Repair Can, Jumper Cables, Playing Cards, A few entertainment items if your stuck for hours in your vehicle.

If you have extra money for the car kits: a battery jumper 

I know this list is not complete if you want to leave any suggestions please leave them below in the comment section. I hope this helps someone.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Making Your Home Your Haven

Making your home a Haven. This can be done little by little.

1. Cleanliness
2. Organization
3. Decluttering when feeling overwhelmed
    a. donating
    b. giving to family/friends/neighbors
    c. selling your unwanted or used items on ebay/poshmark/yard sale/church etc..
4. A home that smells good either by cooking, fragrance, or cleanliness (love the smell of Pine Sol in a home). 
5. Changing your home decor on a budget
    a. Thrift Stores
    b. yard sales/church sales
    c. create a swap party where family/friends can bring 10 items or more they no longer use or want everyone gets to swap for things they may need. Everyone wins. You can even do them by theme ex: Christmas, Autumn, Halloween, Clothes/Accessories, Home Decor/textiles, Crafting, the themes can be limitless.

These 5 Simple Steps begin the journey to making your home a Haven. This has been a journey of sorts for me. I have been donating alot.  I slowly chip away at it each day going room by room and getting myself together. Setting up bags for donation and putting items for other times/seasons away. 

First Step is to Start!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Idea's from Gooseberry Patch

Here is a Spicy Pumpkin Pie Recipe from my Gooseberry Patch Book. Its that time of the year where baking takes center place in our homes. The warm smell of pumpkin cooking in the oven is a wonderful scent that welcomes family and friends. I hope you enjoy.

Thrift Store Prepping Finds

When ever I go thrift store shopping I have a mental list of things needed for the home. These things can range from a simple serving dish to children's clothes and the list goes on from there.

As many of you may know I have been focusing on my prepping needs. Never truly knowing what you may find it's like a treasure hunt of you needs and wants. I scored and found good things. Here is a sneak peek of my prepping finds. I will do a video later this week on my youtube channel with everything I found.

Find No. 1 here you will see a John Hopkins Complete Home Guide to Symptoms & Remedies. This is a large hardback book with easy to understand answers. If there comes a time that we hit with an EMP or Solar event that can wipe out internet, cell, and vehicles all communications unless your face to face. Its important to have these kind of reference materials. I paid $2.99
The second was a rare find for me. This is not your normal book found on the shelves. The BEEKEEPER'S HANDBOOK 4TH Edition BY Diana Sammataro & Alphonse Avitabile. This is a large soft back book. I paid $1.99 inside the book there are printouts for resources and plants indigenous to my area. 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Autumn is here and Home Idea's

In Maryland we have been having cold nights and crisp days. My favorite times of the year are Autumn and Winter. You get snuggle up with warm coats, woolly sweaters, and thick socks. The Autumn brings the brilliance of colors bursting before our eyes. Then the tree's shed their leafs and go to sleep. I remember as a child seeing tree's with bright red leafs that looked like a burst of flame. How wondrous it was to me how God created such unique beauties. Lets embrace this time of year and take in the beauty, colors, and crisp air. Soon the scent of fire places burning will begin. Its a magical time for all to experience.

Lets think of ways to embrace these colors and bring the outdoors  in our homes. 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Being a Mom and My Selfish Mistake

Next to my bed my night stand holds a straw basket lined with a creamy cloth. This basket holds a ton of books and magazines that I want to read along with reading glass's, lotion, chapstick, and kids toys,lol.

Guilt: By the end of the day I'm tired and exhausted. I found myself neglecting my evening reading ritual for my children and myself. Last night I reached for a magazine called Focus on the Family. This magazine I enjoy. I find so much helpful information on marriage, children, life, and my relationship with God. Although, I may read 1 book to my twins but none to my older son. He would pick his own book and read to himself. I should be pushing through and doing the right thing. I normally would read a book and then a Bible Story to ensure that they are walking the right path. 

Being Honest: These Bible readings create a question and answer scenario. These can be quick or long depending on the questions. Because of this I started to push away and not read the way I used to. This is so wrong and I know better. If I can sit on the chair and look at social media or watch a show on my phone I certainly can take the time to read the Word to my children.  

Making Positive Change I will start my nightly reading for my children with a smile and gusto knowing that what I am doing is the right thing. It's okay to make mistakes as long as I acknowledge then and correct them. We are all human (Smile). 

New Nightly Ritual: I want to tape a short passage from the Bible on the wall or headboard of my children. I will read it to them every night and have them repeat it to me for a few weeks and see if they can memorize it.

Let's Keep it Real: Now, I know this maybe a struggle for me on those days that I don't feel well or can go another step. But I know with Gods strength I can do this for my children. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Prepping on a Budget

I just posted a Sams Club Haul (see bleow). I know how difficult it can be to buy bulk food items that are budget friendly and tasty. 
So, I decided to share these buys with you. In this haul I purchased some items for my long term food storage. I bought 2 10lb pound bags of Members Mark Pancake Mix Cost $5.98 each. These only need water and taste very good. I would recommend these. 
Next, I purchased Members Mark Long Grain Rice its a 25lb bag cost $9.48
Lastly, I purchased some Quaker Oats for $8.48 comes with 2 5lbs bags inside the box. 
Here is my video haul of other items I purchased for the home. I plan another trip where I will buy sugar, flour, and salt in larger quantities. I also need to buy food grade buckets to place my goods inside with Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. Those are on my list to purchase as well. Prepping for my big family is a challenge. I never want to be in a position of seeing my children hungry if I can prevent it. So, I prep!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

NASA wants to Save the U.S. from the Destruction of Super Volcano YellowStone

Its important for us to stay in the know so we can be better prepare our ourselves and family. So lets touch on a few topics. Alot of people forget the United States has a Super Volcano Yellowstone that is by all accounts ready for another major eruption. The serious nature of the eruption could throw us into a nuclear winter. The loss of life is inevitable.  However, those who may survive would have to deal with loss of food, contaminated water, loss of medicine, animals dying, plants/fruits/vegetables destroyed etc. They predict after a major eruption there would maybe leave enough food for 74 days. That is a scary thought. How would you and your family survive? Think about this. Sit down with pen and paper jot down what you need to over come such a disaster. Always start with water, food, and go from there.  You would be stuck indoors for an uncertain amount of time due to the ash. Inhaling the ash would kill you. The ash cloud goes around the earth making trip after trip of fall out. This does not even speak on additional eruptions or destruction from the plates shifting from such an eruption. Seriously, think and research this. The main news media is warning everyone of the inevitable. The links below are here for you to read.

Business Insider posted this interesting article:

Monday, October 8, 2018

What are they getting us ready for?

This weekend my sister came over and we had a great time. Bargain hunting at thrift stores and such. After a long day of shopping we needed gas. We went to 2 gas stations. Gas station No. 1 was out of gas completely. Gas station No. 2 had several pumps that were non-functioning. She was on E (empty) and we both thought to ourselves what if this was a SHTF situation or needed to evacuate the area. This would not be a good scenario. The attitudes of other drivers with frustration, cursing, and speeding out of the stations on this normal day was eye awakening moment. Could you imagine in a event. Keeping your gas tanks topped off and having extra at home is important. Especially if you need to get away quickly and as far as possible. These little things could mean the world.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Rationing Food Whats Happening!

Sugar and Wheat

Alot of people are out of touch with the decline in food production in this world. Weather has played a significant role in its decline. The main news/media doesn't report the shortages occurring around the world. It takes a studious person to recognize these events. People are not drawn to food production until it effects them. India has a wheat shortage due to its own weather that destroyed their production other countries are refusing to send them wheat. The U.K. farmers have suffered loss's along with the rest of the world. 

When you see rationing its a Red Light! Mexico produces sugar/sugar cane. Our relationship with them has been strained do to the current administration. The plentiful Imports that we used to get no longer come in as before. In the U.S there are 4 states that grow sugar cane (mainly) Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Hawaii not enough to supply America's needs. Asia is a large producer but our relationship with them along with many other countries are strained. The new Tariff's will hit us as well in many ways the average consumer is not ready for.

I have friends that live in Mexico. Mexico has begun to ration sugar and wheat. This is an alarming action as they are a producer of these. They are restricting the amount anyone 1 person may have per month. If you are caught trying to acquire any additional through the black market there will be much trouble. None of this is in the main news media. 

As soon as I found out yesterday I wanted to share it with all of you. Especially my prepping families. You may want to consider looking at your sugar and wheat stock and seeing if you need more. In the future there maybe problems with supply and demand. 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

My Dollar Tree Prepping items

Here are a few items I bought for my preparedness. I hit jackpot at the Dollar Tree. These are the items I purchased. All $1.00 each. All these items go for more money in mainstream stores. I like to mix my dark canned chicken with chuck white makes a good combo.
1. 26 cans Crider Premium Dark Chicken 10 oz US product
2. 10 Old Orchard Apple Cider 64 fl oz
3. 2 Krusteaz Biscuit Mix Country Style just add water
3. Hats and Gloves for the children
4. Warm socks for myself Snugadoos Too
5. Gossner 2% Milk shelf stable good till August 19 2018
6. Campbell's Chicken Gravy 2 cans 13.8 oz