Tuesday, October 9, 2018

NASA wants to Save the U.S. from the Destruction of Super Volcano YellowStone

Its important for us to stay in the know so we can be better prepare our ourselves and family. So lets touch on a few topics. Alot of people forget the United States has a Super Volcano Yellowstone that is by all accounts ready for another major eruption. The serious nature of the eruption could throw us into a nuclear winter. The loss of life is inevitable.  However, those who may survive would have to deal with loss of food, contaminated water, loss of medicine, animals dying, plants/fruits/vegetables destroyed etc. They predict after a major eruption there would maybe leave enough food for 74 days. That is a scary thought. How would you and your family survive? Think about this. Sit down with pen and paper jot down what you need to over come such a disaster. Always start with water, food, and go from there.  You would be stuck indoors for an uncertain amount of time due to the ash. Inhaling the ash would kill you. The ash cloud goes around the earth making trip after trip of fall out. This does not even speak on additional eruptions or destruction from the plates shifting from such an eruption. Seriously, think and research this. The main news media is warning everyone of the inevitable. The links below are here for you to read.



Business Insider posted this interesting article:

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