Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Prepping on a Budget

I just posted a Sams Club Haul (see bleow). I know how difficult it can be to buy bulk food items that are budget friendly and tasty. 
So, I decided to share these buys with you. In this haul I purchased some items for my long term food storage. I bought 2 10lb pound bags of Members Mark Pancake Mix Cost $5.98 each. These only need water and taste very good. I would recommend these. 
Next, I purchased Members Mark Long Grain Rice its a 25lb bag cost $9.48
Lastly, I purchased some Quaker Oats for $8.48 comes with 2 5lbs bags inside the box. 
Here is my video haul of other items I purchased for the home. I plan another trip where I will buy sugar, flour, and salt in larger quantities. I also need to buy food grade buckets to place my goods inside with Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. Those are on my list to purchase as well. Prepping for my big family is a challenge. I never want to be in a position of seeing my children hungry if I can prevent it. So, I prep!

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