Saturday, October 13, 2018

Being a Mom and My Selfish Mistake

Next to my bed my night stand holds a straw basket lined with a creamy cloth. This basket holds a ton of books and magazines that I want to read along with reading glass's, lotion, chapstick, and kids toys,lol.

Guilt: By the end of the day I'm tired and exhausted. I found myself neglecting my evening reading ritual for my children and myself. Last night I reached for a magazine called Focus on the Family. This magazine I enjoy. I find so much helpful information on marriage, children, life, and my relationship with God. Although, I may read 1 book to my twins but none to my older son. He would pick his own book and read to himself. I should be pushing through and doing the right thing. I normally would read a book and then a Bible Story to ensure that they are walking the right path. 

Being Honest: These Bible readings create a question and answer scenario. These can be quick or long depending on the questions. Because of this I started to push away and not read the way I used to. This is so wrong and I know better. If I can sit on the chair and look at social media or watch a show on my phone I certainly can take the time to read the Word to my children.  

Making Positive Change I will start my nightly reading for my children with a smile and gusto knowing that what I am doing is the right thing. It's okay to make mistakes as long as I acknowledge then and correct them. We are all human (Smile). 

New Nightly Ritual: I want to tape a short passage from the Bible on the wall or headboard of my children. I will read it to them every night and have them repeat it to me for a few weeks and see if they can memorize it.

Let's Keep it Real: Now, I know this maybe a struggle for me on those days that I don't feel well or can go another step. But I know with Gods strength I can do this for my children. 

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