Monday, October 8, 2018

What are they getting us ready for?

This weekend my sister came over and we had a great time. Bargain hunting at thrift stores and such. After a long day of shopping we needed gas. We went to 2 gas stations. Gas station No. 1 was out of gas completely. Gas station No. 2 had several pumps that were non-functioning. She was on E (empty) and we both thought to ourselves what if this was a SHTF situation or needed to evacuate the area. This would not be a good scenario. The attitudes of other drivers with frustration, cursing, and speeding out of the stations on this normal day was eye awakening moment. Could you imagine in a event. Keeping your gas tanks topped off and having extra at home is important. Especially if you need to get away quickly and as far as possible. These little things could mean the world.

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