Monday, September 24, 2018

Rationing Food Whats Happening!

Sugar and Wheat

Alot of people are out of touch with the decline in food production in this world. Weather has played a significant role in its decline. The main news/media doesn't report the shortages occurring around the world. It takes a studious person to recognize these events. People are not drawn to food production until it effects them. India has a wheat shortage due to its own weather that destroyed their production other countries are refusing to send them wheat. The U.K. farmers have suffered loss's along with the rest of the world. 

When you see rationing its a Red Light! Mexico produces sugar/sugar cane. Our relationship with them has been strained do to the current administration. The plentiful Imports that we used to get no longer come in as before. In the U.S there are 4 states that grow sugar cane (mainly) Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Hawaii not enough to supply America's needs. Asia is a large producer but our relationship with them along with many other countries are strained. The new Tariff's will hit us as well in many ways the average consumer is not ready for.

I have friends that live in Mexico. Mexico has begun to ration sugar and wheat. This is an alarming action as they are a producer of these. They are restricting the amount anyone 1 person may have per month. If you are caught trying to acquire any additional through the black market there will be much trouble. None of this is in the main news media. 

As soon as I found out yesterday I wanted to share it with all of you. Especially my prepping families. You may want to consider looking at your sugar and wheat stock and seeing if you need more. In the future there maybe problems with supply and demand. 

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